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100% Uptime Guaranteed SLA

With multiple data center facilities connected at LAN speed via private fiber, Prominic.NET customers have the option to host or colocate applications designed for high availability in an environment with the same goals in mind. The 100% Uptime High Availability SLA option for Prominic.NET’s managed hosting and colocation offerings features the following elements:

  • A minimum of one (1) rack per facility (for managed colocation solutions)
  • Redundant power on all solution components
  • "Zero-hop" connectivity between facilities, over a private shared virtual LAN or a dedicated multi-Gigabit Ethernet link
  • Redundant Internet connectivity
  • Utilization of Private Cloud options as needed to guarantee uptime, latency and speed/bandwitdh requirements

To take full advantage of this offering and its modified SLA, the customer must provide systems and applications that are capable of mirroring, clustering or failover across a local area network (LAN). These systems must be architected so that if one Prominic.NET data center loses power or network connectivity, the systems in the other facility may assume all processing duties without loss of data integrity or application availability.

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