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Microsoft License Mobility

Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance for Windows Server Applications in the Prominic.NET Datacenters

With Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance, you can deploy certain server application licenses purchased under your Volume Licensing agreement in the Prominic.NET datacenters. This can be done without purchasing additional licenses, as long as you maintain active Software Assurance and have the appropriate quantity of licenses necessary for your hosted environment.

The List of Eligible Server Applications Includes:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Lync Server
  • Microsoft System Center Server
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server
  • Other Servers, per the Software Assurance Benefits section of the Microsoft Product Use Rights (PUR) document.

The Windows Operating System is not eligible for License Mobility, and must be rented to you by Prominic.NET via the Microsoft SPLA Program.

3 Easy Steps to Take

  1. Assess your Microsoft License Position
  2. Decide which eligible products you want to deploy with Prominic.NET and how many licenses you require. Conduct an informal check of your current licensing position with Microsoft to understand if any additional software may need to be purchased.

    • Remember, active Software Assurance is required on all licenses for eligible products.

    Any Microsoft Volume Licensing customer who has eligible application server licenses covered with active Software Assurance may elect to use License Mobility through Software Assurance. These include Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) and Microsoft Open Value Agreement, where Software Assurance is included, and other Volume Licensing programs where Software Assurance is an option such as the Microsoft Select Plus Agreement.

  3. Deploy with Prominic.NET
  4. Eligible licenses can be deployed with Prominic.NET immediately, prior to formal verification from Microsoft.

  5. Verify your Licenses with Microsoft
  6. Within 10 days of deployment, complete the License Verification Form for your region. For guideance on filling out the form, please review the License Mobility Customer Verification Guide (PDF) from Microsoft.

    The required information specific to Prominic.NET is:

    • Authorized Mobility Partner Name: Prominic.NET
    • Authorized Mobility Partner Website URL: http://Prominic.NET/web.nsf/pages/LicenseMobility
    • Authorized Mobility Partner Email Address: LicenseMobility@Prominic.NET


For further details, please review the License Mobility Overview, or contact us below:


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