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IBM Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange Migration

We'll Handle Everything

If you're ready to move from IBM Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange 2010 or soon Exchange 2013, we can help. Prominic.NET will assess your environment, plan the migration and execute to perfection. While email is important, your time is valuable and is better spent on strategic tasks that grow your business.

What we Migrate

  • Mail
  • Folders
  • Calendar Entries (past, present and future)
  • Contacts
  • Rooms and Resources
  • Mail-in Databases
  • Discussion Forums
  • Document Libraries

How it Works

We'll perform an assessment of your environment, to understand what you have and what's important to move. We'll also help you understand how to best leverage the Prominic Cloud, since running an e-mail system isn't your core business and you shouldn't have to worry about it.

If you choose to migrate your IBM Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange on the Prominic Cloud, we'll handle everything.

  • Assessing your current environment? Check.
  • Setting up Microsoft Exchange 2010 or 2013? Check.
  • Converting, Transitioning and Migrating your data? Check.
  • Dealing with a dual mail system for a period of time? Check.
  • Getting it all done right, the first time? Check.

How do I get Started?

Contact Prominic.NET and let us know what you're trying to accomplish. Give us a call - we're here for no other reason but to help.


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