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BlackBerry Wireless E-mail

Wireless access to corporate information is no longer a luxury—it's a requirement for businesses that want to stay competitive and responsive. BlackBerry® by RIM® is a world leader in wireless information access and security, and should be considered by any business serious about increasing productivity while maintaining a high level of security.

Host your BlackBerry® Enterprise Server (BES) environment with Prominic.NET on your own dedicated server. Or, if you're a smaller concern with only a few BlackBerry users, take advantage of our Shared BES for Domino plans. Support your end users via our partnership with eAccess Solutions.

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BlackBerry Wireless E-mail – Business Advantage

Deploying BlackBerry to your workforce helps improve productivity by giving workers instant access to up-to-date corporate information. BlackBerry gives mobile users wireless access to important corporate information and communications, including:

  • E-mail – patented push technology sends new e-mail immediately to the BlackBerry.
  • Corporate Data – Tie into your CRM, billing, support or other internal systems.
  • Instant Messaging – Integrate with your secure Lotus Sametime system.
  • Phone – Industry leading voice and call features.
  • Internet and Intranet Access – Robust web browsing.
  • Organizer - Calendar, address book, tasks and memos

BlackBerry eliminates the hassles of dial-up by moving mobile e-mail to a "push" architecture. In the traditional "pull" model, the user periodically connects to the e-mail server to check for new messages. But BlackBerry's "push" technology enables messages to be automatically and effortlessly routed to your handheld while you're mobile.

Integration with an existing corporate e-mail system is seamless. BlackBerry's advanced security features meet strict enterprise requirements for information integrity and confidentiality. Using industry-leading encryption standards such as AES or Triple DES, data is encrypted at all points between a BlackBerry handheld and its corresponding e-mail account.

Because BlackBerry Enterprise Server is designed to work with your existing enterprise information systems—whether it's hosted at Prominic or internal to your organization— you benefit from low total cost of ownership and compelling return on investment potential.

BlackBerry Wireless E-mail – Technical Details

BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Lotus Domino is a Domino Server Add-in Task that achieves tight integration with Lotus Domino without modifying the Name and Address Book (Domino Directory). BlackBerry works with Lotus Domino to consolidate all e-mail messages in the user's existing corporate mailbox - thus the Domino mailbox and Blackberry stay in sync at all times.

Lotus Notes e-mail is immediately pushed to your BlackBerry device as new messages arrive. Reply to messages on the BlackBerry, and those sent messages will even show up in the sent folder in the Notes client. Delete messages on the BlackBerry and have them deleted in the Notes client (or choose to disable this option). File a message into a folder on the BlackBerry and have that action reflected in the Notes client as well. Use that long wait in the airport to manage your Notes Inbox and clean it up a bit—from your BlackBerry!

The entire Notes calendar will synchronize with your BlackBerry, with the option to schedule new appointments on the BlackBerry and have them reflected in your Notes client.

Synchronize your local addressbook with your BlackBerry to avoid the most common problem with mobile devices: what do you do when your device breaks? How do you restore your contacts? If you'manage contacts in Notes, you can effortlessly have those contacts pushed to your BlackBerry. Upgrades or replacements are easy.

The BlackBerry will automatically sync your to-do list and personal journal items if you use them.

The BlackBerry has a built in web-browser which allows you to surf the Internet and securely access your Intranet (encrypted access to the BES, which is behind our firewall if your other servers are hosted at Prominic.NET).

BlackBerry Wireless E-mail – Shared BES for Domino

Shared BlackBerry Hosting

Number of users: 1 to 100 101+
Per User Activation Fee: $39.95 Contact Sales for Dedicated BES Options
Per User Monthly Fee: $12.95 --

Prominic.NET's Shared BlackBerry Hosting program is for customers with fewer than 50 to 100 handheld users or for those who simply don't want to invest in a dedicated BlackBerry Enterprise Server environment. The system is flexible, so your primary mailboxes can either be hosted on-site with Prominic.NET, off-site at your location or even with another hosting provider.

BlackBerry Wireless E-mail – Dedicated and HA BES

Prominic.NET's Dedicated Blackberry Enterprise Server Hosting program gives you complete control over your BlackBerry environment. The server is in your existing Notes Domain, installed on a separate dedicated server or directly on your Domino Messaging Server (with smaller implementations). Messages are forwarded to the users in near real time, generally within 20 to 30 seconds of receipt. Dedicated servers can also scale to hundreds or thousands of users, giving large enterprises the opportunity to deploy BlackBerry mail integration to a large number of handheld users.

Prominic's BES Hosting High Availability Options

Prominic partners with other BlackBerry Alliance Partners to offer clustered BES solutions. With the release of BES 5.0, we also support RIM's native BES failover features. Either way, Prominic's physically disparate data centers connected at LAN speed over private fiber provide optimal conditions for running a high availability BES deployment. This environment is highly customizable, so contact Prominic.NET with your requirements for a no-cost, no-obligation design consultation..


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