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BlazeDS is an open source version of LiveCycle Data Services remoting and messaging technologies. BlazeDS adds flexible high performance data connectivity to rich applications and makes them accessible on non-Java back-end developments.

BlazeDS remoting technology allows developers to call server-side Java objects and ColdFusion components from Flex or Flash applications just as if they were local objects. BlazeDS messaging technology allows developers real-time collaboration and data push technologies like self-service, live help, and performance monitoring and tracking.

BlazeDS helps developers increase productivity by creating real-time RIA’a by using Flex or Flex/Ajax combinations deployed in the browser and decreases the costs of maintaining these applications. Blaze simplifies transitioning from web-based applications to rich clients by plugging directly in existing server services. Adobe provides enterprise support for BlazeDS via annual subscription that includes certified builds, patches, support and product warranties for unmodified builds.

Prominic and BlazeDS

Prominic offers managed dedicated BlazeDS hosting plans starting at $219.00/mo and virtual BlazeDS hosting plans starting at only $29.00/mo.

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