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Real-Time Cloud Backups

24x7 Protection for your Critical Data

Prominic's Real-Time Cloud Backups ensure the data on your internal servers is instantly backed-up and retrievable off-site, for an affordable price. Backing-up to the Prominic cloud ensures the integrity of your data and provides you with the peace of mind to focus on growing your business.

Cloud delivery keeps your data unified, reduces production costs, and offers ultimate scalability. Real-Time Cloud Backups are not only a secure, cost-effective, and efficient way to protect your data, but are the first step towards developing a comprehensive recovery plan.

The benefits of our Real-Time Cloud Backups include:

  • New or changed data is backed up within minutes
  • "Set-it-and-go" - No tapes to change or logs to review
  • Low, predictable costs
  • Easy data recovery
  • Minimize the cost of downtime or data loss
  • More secure and reliable than in-house backups
  • No training required!

Real-Time Cloud Backups – Monthly Pricing

Prominic's Real-Time Cloud Backup service is affordable, with predictable costs based on usage. Pay only for the data you need backed up - nothing more!

  • $5 / server; plus
  • $0.45 / GB

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