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Co-location / Partial Rack Rental

Prominic's co-location plans are both flexible and affordable. Whether you need half a rack or just one U, we'll support you with industry-leading security, reliability and flexibility. You can trust Prominic to protect your information assets, while providing you with the freedom to manage your IT resources as needed—in a secure and controlled environment.



Check out the many features we offer with each co-location package, as well as the technical details of how it's all put together. And be sure to browse our many High Availability solutions, any of which can be easily adapted to meet your co-location needs.


Co-location Partial Rack – Pricing & Options

Co-lo Option Description Pricing
Setup Fee: Equal to 1 month's payment
Per Rack Unit Rack space rental by the rack unit $49 mo. per U
1/4 Rack 9 Rack Units (9U) $399 mo.
1/2 Rack 18 Rack Units (18U) $699 mo.
Rack Rental 36 Rack Units (36U) $1,299 mo.
Redundant Rack 32 Rack Units (32U), Redundant Power $1,999 mo.
Bandwidth: See "Bandwidth" Schedule Below
Server Monitoring: $100 per physical server per mo.

Note: Additional fees may apply for power consumption greater than 100W per U or multiple power connections. See "Before You Buy" or contact our Sales team for details.

Bandwidth Pricing
Minimum 1/2 Mbps $89 mo.
1/2 — 4.9 Mbps $149 mo. (per Mbps)
5.0 — 9.9 Mbps $129 mo. (per Mbps)
10.0 — 19.9 Mbps $99 mo. (per Mbps)
20.0+ Mbps Contact Sales

Other options include:

Co-location Partial Rack – Features

All Prominic.NET co-location agreements include:

  • Remote web-based power control individualized for each device
  • Direct keyboard/video/mouse control (down to the BIOS level) from any web browser—a true hardware solution independent of OS
  • Integrated, dedicated (on full rack rentals) and secure firewall with separate levels of protection for sensitive remote administration ports (e.g. SSH, KVM, power control, RDP)
  • Access to Prominic's integrated Admin Portal, which provides account information and secure server access
  • Unrestricted 100 Mbps network uplinks
  • Unlimited traffic between Prominic's primary and DR/backup sites
  • UPS battery backup and all power distribution equipment
  • Natural gas-powered generator backup
  • Minimum 0.5 hours per month Customer-initiated Support

Co-location Partial Rack – Before You Buy

Special considerations for co-location at Prominic.NET:

  • Insurance. You must supply proof of insurance coverage for all customer-owned equipment and Prominic.NET, Inc. must be listed as an additional insured.
  • Facilities Access. Customers have no physical access to the servers. All maintenance must be performed by Prominic.NET. If customer-supplied brand-name equipment such as HP, IBM, or Dell require that a support representative perform repairs or upgrades, then access will be arranged at Prominic’s discretion and be fully supervised by Prominic and billed as Support hours.
  • Root / Administrator access. For Prominic.NET to be able to assist with server management, we require “root” or “Administrator” access to the base OS as well as Full Access Administration to any IBM Lotus Domino servers.
  • Placement of Equipment. Placement of equipment on your rack is done by shipping the equipment to us after we approve it for insertion into our data centers. If you want to control the initial layout of your rack and subsquent changes, you can do so using Visio or diagrams which we will follow as closely as possible.
  • Equipment Specifications. Prominic reserves the right to review and possibly reject any additional equipment the customer wishes to install in a Prominic data center. We only accept equipment which is high quality, properly insured, name brand, and under warranty with a vendor-certified hardware service contract in place. All components must fit into our standard APC brand 19" frame, 42U racks, and have power consumption and heat dissipation characteristics we deem acceptable. Possible reasons for rejections include equipment which would overload the power configuration of the racks, generate unacceptable levels of heat , or deemed not safe or reliable (as determined solely by Prominic.NET). For example, ultra-high density blades would be configured outside of our standard rack rental agreements due to their extreme power and cooling requirements.

Prominic.NET Managed Servers

All co-location customers have the option to swap out their hardware at any time for Prominic.NET dedicated, managed servers. By migrating to Prominic.NET owned and managed systems, you enjoy the many benefits of not having to be concerned about hardware outages, Service Level Agreements and the coordination of several vendors. Our dedicated servers offer several very valuable features:

  • On-hand parts replacement of all critical equipment; no waiting for vendors to ship and/or install custom replacement parts, and no "babysitting" fees for vendors to repair or upgrade your equipment
  • A well-known hardware platform using brand name components
  • Single-system image installations that conform to our high standards for operating system and kernel, RAID configuration, and a variety of settings that optimize servers in a hosted environment
  • Responsibility for the entire hosting environment, from the hardware up, providing a single point of contact for systems management
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Co-location Partial Rack – Geek Stuff

Co-location with Prominic.NET is not just empty rack space for rent. We pride ourselves in providing a state-of-the-art environment for your equipment—the tools necessary for you to manage your systems from anywhere. This is why each customer co-location installation is built on:

  • APC 19" Racking
  • APC Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • APC Twist-lock 0U Power Distribution Unit(s)
  • Avocent KVM-over-IP
  • Lantronix Serial-to-Ethernet Server(s)
  • GTA GB-800 ISCA Corporate-certified, IPSEC-compliant Firewall Appliance

Components of this quality have been in use in our data centers for nearly a decade supporting hundreds of customers, so you can be certain that your systems will be comfortable in our facilities. The Prominic-managed GTA Firewall Appliance, for example, is not only a high quality yet affordable device from a reliable vendor, it is tightly integrated into our network administration tools, which can complement any management solutions you install on your systems.

Network Connectivity

If this is sounding pretty good so far, your next consideration is probably one of network connectivity. In lieu of the marketing hype, we'll direct you to the publicly available and unbiased 3rd-party Internet routing table inspection tools. There you can compare for yourself how our network stacks up against whomever you are currently hosting with (or any other provider, for that matter). To do a comparison, you will need to know the AS number of your current provider, which can be found at Fixed Orbit.

Prominic.NET is listed on the public Internet routing table as peering with Sprint and McLeod USA (click here to see for yourself). Sprint is a major backbone provider, and we are directly linked to them on a diverse path from McLeod. McLeod is a transit provider closely linking us to UUNET, Level 3, Cogent, AT&T, Qwest, MSN, and others that make up the rest of the main Internet backbone. McLeod is used by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and we are tied into that same link. Follow the SPRINTLINK and MCLEOD links on the Fixed Orbit site to see how just how well connected they are.

Free, Private Network

In addition to peering with two very well connected providers, our two data centers are connected to each other via private, multi-gigabit fiber. What this translates into for you is free, LAN-speed connectivity between our data centers to support your clustering and disaster recovery needs. With these specs, all that's missing is your equipment!

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