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ColdFusion Hosting

ColdFusion, from Adobe for web application development, comes with several enhancements that increase performance, stability, and add functionality and make it easier to integrate with enterprise IT environments. ColdFusion includes RSA BSAFE Crypto-J libraries for 140-bit strong encryption. ColdFusion runs on J2EE application servers and integrates with the hottest platforms like Java, .NET, and Microsoft Exchange Server.

ColdFusion offers out of the box PDF integration so you can generate PDF documents and use them to create, capture and share information. ColdFusion PDF finally solves the problem of creating well formatted, printable and portable webpage form content.

ColdFusion Rapid Development, Intuitive Visual Tools and Tag-based Programming

Use ColdFusion simple tags to access prebuilt Ajax components, and use Adobe LiveCycle Data Services to simplify data rich applications. Out of the box J2EE, .NET, XML, SOAP integration means you can specify and use nearly any object in your applications. Server Monitor and Multi-server Monitor enable you to find bottlenecks, monitor performance and tweak applications in development and production.

New tags make it easy for ColdFusion to interact with Microsoft Exchange server better than before. Not only are you able to send, retrieve and manage email, you can now check, edit and write calendar events and tasks to manage meeting availability, schedule appointments and meetings, and add tasks to user task lists.

Prominic and ColdFusion Hosting

Prominic offers secure, reliable and flexible virtual private ColdFusion hosting starting at $29/mo and managed, dedicated ColdFusion hosting starting at $219/mo.

Prominic offers advanced managed ColdFusion hosting options for developers such as:

  • Database server hosting
  • Data backup services
  • server monitoring
  • managed dedicated firewalls
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

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