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IBM Lotus Connections

IBM Lotus Connections logoLotus Connections, the industry’s first integrated social software for business, allows you to build communities, share expertise and tasks, and exchange ideas simply and effectively. The five web-based components of Connections help you identify people within your enterprise having specific knowledge on a topic, access qualified resources, and create blogs, all within a business setting.

Hosting at Prominic.NET makes Connections even easier to manage. Our expert administrators configure your Connections installation. You simply start locating the people and information you need—and connecting it. Let Prominic maintain the enterprise-class data center, co-locating your Connections server or providing it for you!

What is Lotus Connections?

IBM Lotus Connections allows business users to easily access areas of expertise and find people in the same way that personal social networking software does. Rather than increasing your social circle, Connections helps identify business associates and share knowledge with them, and develop business relationships within communities of individuals—increasing productivity, and putting knowledge to work where it's needed. Watch the video (from YouTube) to find out more...

  • Complete assignments more effectively by using Activities to organize tasks find the right people. With Activities, track your work, manage and share your work with others, and retain the knowledge of what works best for future use.

With Lotus Connections, you can:

  • Use Profiles to locate the right people with the right knowledge on a given topic. Search for associates based on a variety of options, such name, interests, or organization. Develop a contact base unrestricted by geography, industry sector, or reporting structure.
  • Create Communities of people sharing common interests and areas of expertise. Collaborate within these communities through e-mail or Sametime while taking advantage of other aspects of Lotus Connections. And communities can use Connections just as individual users do, and be discovered just as a person can be found.
  • Author Blogs to present ideas, connect with other people and communities, and share interests. Instead of sending e-mails to individuals or groups, communicate information to colleagues and gather feedback from other Connections users both inside and outside your enterprise.
  • Work better together by using Dogear to save and share bookmarks. You can manage your own bookmarks, share them with others, and search your community’s bookmarks for items others in your group have found useful and interesting.


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