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Data Backup Services

Prominic.NET NATIV SolutionsAs you already know, having appropriate data backup methods in place can be critical to the success of your business. Prominic.NET offers a number of different approaches that our customers can employ to ensure their data is safe.

RAID Arrays

A RAID Array is a series of disk drives that work together as if they were one. Depending on which type of array you choose, this can provide you with more reliability (mirroring / RAID 1), better performance (distributed parity blocks / RAID 5), or high reliability with high performance (mirroring + striping / RAID 10). With regards to data backups, the focus here is on the RAID 1 (mirroring) configuration. Basically, this means you have two or more disk drives that are identical to one another. If one of your disk drives fails, you automatically have a backup of your data. At that point the defective disk drive will be replaced with a new one and everything will go back to its original state. Although this isn't a 'true' backup method, it does provide peace of mind knowing that all of your precious information won't be lost because of a simple disk failure. RAID is your first line of defense against data loss, and we include a minimum of mirroring (RAID 1) with every service we offer.

CD Backups

This is a service that is available to all of our customers, regardless of which platform or level of service they have. Our CD backup service allows you to receive a physical copy of your data, which gives you the ultimate assurance that your data is safe. With this solution, Prominic.NET will compress and burn your data onto a CD, label the disk and case, and mail the CD directly to you. We can burn CDs weekly, monthly, or quarterly, and we can even handle one time requests. CD backups are not included with any packages, and must be purchased separately.

Backup Disk Drive

A feature for customers with a Dedicated Hosting package, a backup disk drive provides enhanced data protection when used in addition to a RAID Array. This disk drive will be placed on a separate controller apart from the RAID Array. In the event your RAID controller were to fail, the backup disk drive would still be accessible in case you need to restore your data. Prominic.NET has developed a customized solution that utilizes automated scripts to dump information to this drive, which automates the entire process. This feature can be added to any dedicated server.

Tape Backups

Tape backup solutions are one of the most tried and true ways of protecting your system data. All customers with a Dedicated Hosting package who consider their information critical to their business should consider using tapes to store the information in case of an emergency. There are many different factors to consider when putting together a tape drive configuration:

  • How much data will I need to backup?
  • How long will I need to keep saved data before overwriting it?
  • What type of backup do I want to perform (incremental, differential, full copy, etc.)?
  • How often do I want to backup my data (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)?

All of these questions must be considered when deciding what backup solution you need. We're glad to answer any questions you may have and help you reach a decision that is ideal for your needs.


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