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Internet Connectivity

The Prominic.NET network has been designed from the ground up using high quality components and some of the best Internet connectivity providers in the world. If servers are the heart of the Internet, then optical fiber carries the lifeblood. We recognize the importance of reliable and available bandwidth to our customers, so we have taken steps to help ensure that your server's connection to the Internet is never interrupted!

Internet Connectivity

Prominic.NET Data Centers are connected to the Internet through multiple redundant high speed Internet lines using Cisco routers. We are connected to a number of tier-1 Internet backbone carriers at each data center and additionally are able port connectivity between our two locations over multi-gigabit private fiber.

BGP4 Routing

We use BGP4 (Border Gateway Protocol version 4) on our Cisco Routers to provide immediate failover in the event that the connection from one of our providers fails. BGP4 is the standard that allows information sent from the Prominic network to use the best and most efficient route possible. This ensures that data is delivered to you and your customers in the shortest timeframe and along the most reliable path. If one of our providers fails, data packets will continue to route from our network over an alternate path with a different provider.

Bandwidth Capacity

We always guarantee plenty of excess Internet capacity so you never have to worry about your bandwidth. Unlike many providers which boast impressive sounding numbers such as "multiple OC-12 connections" without revealing actual remaining line capacity, we guarantee a maximum average utilization of 70%. This means our metric for Internet line upgrades is to have 30% excess capacity during peak load times, regardless of how many high speed lines we already have. High speed lines are not useful to customers when they are full—and unlike other providers we address this problem as a core business policy.


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