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Public Internet and Private Networking Connectivity

Prominic.NET offers a combination of public and private networking options to meet a range of speed, reliability and security requirements.

Prominic.NET Networking Options

Public Internet

Prominic provides redundant connectivity to the public Internet.

Learn more about Public Internet Connectivity.

While all services hosted at Prominic are protected by a firewall appliance, data flowing to/from servers hosted at Prominic over the public Internet is subject to the connectivity and availability issues of the various ISPs between you, the customer, and our data centers. Our redundant connections will prevent certain types of outages, though service disruptions may still occur due to outages at critical junctures on the Internet out of Prominic’s control. Application-specific protocols (e.g. HTTPS, NoteRPC) and VPN options are available to improve security by encrypting data flowing to/from Prominic’s data centers, but they do nothing to improve connectivity (prevent failures or slowdowns).

Pricing depends on the amount public Internet bandwidth included in the hosting services you procure from us, as well as the ISP(s) you use to connect to the Internet. We support our internal network and its connections to the Internet (see our Service Level Agreement), though little or no Help Desk support is typically provided by ISPs for a consumer-grade connections.

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End-to-End Private MPLS Networks

All data flowing between Prominic and Customer data centers travels the entire distance on Sprint’s private, encrypted and fully managed MPLS network, never touching the Internet. Sprint guarantees the encryption, performance (latency and jitter) and delivery (uptime) of your connections.

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Hybrid Public Internet / Private MPLS Networks

Encrypted VPN connections to a Sprint MPLS gateway minimize the distance data travels over the Internet before reaching the Sprint private MPLS network. From there, Sprint’s fully managed network connects to Prominic’s private network.

Learn more about Prominic’s hybrid network solutions.

For more information about how Prominic.NET can help you design the right combination of public and private networking for your hosted applications, contact our Sales team.

Sprint is a registered trademark of Sprint.

Public & Private Networks – Public and Private Networking Options

Public Internet

Price depends on ISP and your Prominic Package
    • Unpredictable Reliability
    • Security – Protocols or VPN
    • Unpredictable Performance

Hybrid Internet/MPLS

$10/user per month + your ISP charges
    • Better Reliability
    • Security – VPN
    • Performance Depends on ISP

End-to-End Private MPLS

$175/site +$10/device per month
    • Best Reliability (Guaranteed)
    • Security – Full-end-to-end encryption
    • Best Performance (Guaranteed)

*Network connectivity only. Contact our Sales team for additional application and storage considerations

Did You Know?

While many consumers think of “the Internet” as a huge, single entity that spans the entire globe and is “always on,” most businesses now recognize that the Internet is actually a partnership of tens of thousands of service providers. Because there is no central authority controlling the many ISPs that comprise the Internet, the resulting Internet connectivity can be unpredictable as to quality, reliability and security.

Cloud computing resources are increasingly critical components of IT infrastructure due to their scalability, rapid deployment and outsourced management. Private clouds require a private network to ensure availability and high quality of service.

More and more small businesses are starting out or becoming 100% virtual (in the cloud). Unavailable resources due to Internet outages can effectively shut down an entire organization’s operations.

Architectural Diagram

The diagram below depicts the various options available for using the Sprint private MPLS network to connect to your applications hosted at Prominic’s data centers, as well as your other (or your customers’) offices on the network. The GRAY cloud and lines depict the Internet, and the public and hybrid (a combination of public Internet and private network) connectivity options. The ORANGE cloud and lines show the extent of the Sprint private network, and the end-to-end private networking options available to you for connecting your offices to our data centers (and each other), totally bypassing the Internet.

Prominic.NET Networking Options Architecture

For additional details, be sure to download the six page Prominic Private Cloud Brochure, complete with detailed diagrams, feature comparisons, pricing and an editable Request for Information form.

To learn more about Prominic.NET or to receive more information about any of our services, please contact us

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