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Private Cloud

Download the Prominic Private Cloud BrochureProminic.NET offers several private networking options for connecting to your hosted applications at our data centers, all powered by Sprint. We build solutions to meet a range of reliability and security requirements, from secure, single user access over the Internet for telecommuters and mobile workers to end-to-end, high-speed private networks for fixed locations.

Which Private Cloud Option is Right For My Organization?

Two hybrid solutions, MPLS Remote User and MPLS IPSEC Tunnel, combine the convenience of the Internet and the security and reliability of the Sprint MPLS network. MPLS over DSL, T1 and other fixed location services, as well as 3G/4G wireless, are true end-to-end private networks.

Small Businesses Should Consider:

  • MPLS Remote User—VPN connectivity over the Internet to Sprint's private network and our data centers; great for telecommuters, traveling staff and small offices
  • MPLS over DSL—Where available, provides end-to-end private network connectivity from your offices to our data centers

Larger Enterprises Should Consider:

  • MPLS over T1, DS3, OC3 and Ethernet—Headquarters or other large offices can take advantage of the wide availability of TDM access to Sprint's MPLS network to create high-speed (up to 155 Mbps) connections to our data centers and other company locations
  • MPLS Remote User—VPN connectivity over the Internet to Sprint's private network and our data centers; great for telecommuters, traveling staff and very small branch offices with an existing business-grade DSL connection
  • MPLS over DSL—Where available, provides end-to-end private network connectivity from your smaller branch offices to other offices and our data centers; also a great solution for backing up a T1 or faster connection
  • MPLS over Wireless—Where Sprint 3G and 4G coverage is available, provides both primary and backup high-bandwidth connectivity for both mobile users and fixed locations
  • MPLS IPSec Tunnel—Where direct links to the Sprint network are not available, IPSec tunneling uses an existing Internet connection (Sprint or other provider) to your smaller branch offices to create a VPN to the Sprint MPLS network and on to our data centers

Prominic Private Cloud Benefits

Using a private network to connect your locations and remote staff to the applications you host at Prominic's data centers has several advantages over public Internet access:

  • Your data is completely segregated from the Internet over MPLS DSL, T1+ and wireless 3G/4G connections
  • Prominic and Sprint guarantee the network:
    • Over DSL, T1, DS3, OC3, Ethernet and Sprint 4G wireless connections, all the way from your premises to our data centers
    • From Sprint Value Added Services gateways on the public Internet to our data centers
  • VPN software and Sprint VAS gateways increase the security of remote user connections
  • Prominic and Sprint manage the network setup, then monitor and maintain customer premises device and remote user VPN software
  • Greater reliability, security and performance
  • Peace of mind from a single point of contact for your hosted IT infrastructure

MPLS Remote User

Prominic Private Cloud - Remote UserCustomers access Prominic's data centers over a combination of public Internet and private Sprint networks. Virtual Private Networking (VPN) software is loaded onto each user's laptop and/or desktop computer and configured to access the Sprint network. The end-user simply connects to any public Internet connection...

  • DSL or Digital Cable Internet service at home or friend's home
  • Hotel wi-fi or wired LAN
  • Public wi-fi in airports, coffe shops, etc.

The VPN software then creates a secure link to a designated Sprint Value Added Services (VAS) Gateway. From the VAS Gateway, the end-user's traffic is the routed to/from Prominic's data centers or other end-user locations over the secure and reliable Sprint MPLS network. All traffic is encrypted. Pricing starts at $10 per user per month after minimal per organization and per user setup fees.


Prominic Private Cloud - MPLS over DSLWhere available, customers may subscribe to Sprint's ADSL or SDSL services to create a continous private link from their premises to Prominic's data centers, as well as other customer locations on the MPLS network. Speeds range from 384 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps. Minimal equipment and configuration is needed at each customer site to set up the network. Pricing starts at $175 per site and $10 per device per month.

MPLS over T1, DS3, OC3, Ethernet

Anywhere that Sprint offers traditional voice networking, customers may also opt to subscribe to dedicated connectivity to Sprint's MPLS network and Prominic's data centers. Performance, security and uptime are guaranteed. Customers can choose from fractional or full T1, DS3 and OC3 circuits for per location speeds up to 155 Mbps. Gigabit ethernet connectivity is also available on a limited basis. Pricing starts at $450 per location per month for a fractional T1 connection, plus $10 per device per month.

MPLS IPSec Tunnel

An IPSec protocol-based VPN appliance is deployed at the customer premises and managed by either Prominic or customer managed. This connection type uses an existing (separately provisioned) Internet connection (xDSL, T1, etc.), splitting Internet access into public and private traffic. Public Internet traffic travels normally to its destination (e.g., in clear text or encrypted by a protocol like SSL), while private traffic is first encrypted (regardless of the user's actions) and then sent to a Sprint VAS gateway for routing over the private network to Prominic's data centers. Optimal for locations without direct access to Sprint networks. Pricing starts at $500 per site per month plus $10 per connected device per month after setup fees.

MPLS over Wireless

Prominic Private Cloud - MPLS over Wireless as Primary or Backup ConnectionCustomers connect to Sprint's PCS wireless 3G/4G network, which then, in turn, links to the Sprint MPLS network and Prominic's data centers, providing an end-to-end private networking solution for primary or backup connectivity to hosted services. Ideal for mobile workers, telecommuters and even offices with difficult wiring access but good wireless connectivity.

For more information about how Prominic.NET can help you design the right combination of public and private networking for your hosted applications, contact our Sales team.

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Private Cloud – Architectural Diagram

The diagram below depicts the various options available for using the Sprint private MPLS network to connect to your applications hosted at Prominic's data centers, as well as your other (or your customers') offices on the network. The   GRAY   cloud and lines depict the Internet, and the public and hybrid (a combination of public Internet and private network) connectivity options. The   ORANGE   cloud and lines show the extent of the Sprint private network, and the end-to-end private networking options available to you for connecting your offices to our data centers (and each other), totally bypassing the Internet.

Prominic.NET Networking Options Architecture

Prominic.NET Networking Options Architecture

For additional details, be sure to download the six page Prominic Private Cloud Brochure, complete with detailed diagrams, feature comparisons, pricing and an editable Request for Information form.

Private Cloud – Feature Comparison

Feature MPLS Remote User MPLS IPSec Tunnel MPLS over DSL MPLS over T1+, Wireless
Typical Use Roaming User, Very Small Remote Office Branch Offices, Critical Remote Workers Larger Corporate or Branch Offices
Available Connection Speed to Prominic.NET-Hosted Services Depends on ISP, the bottleneck being your connection to the Sprint Value Added Services (VAS) Gateway SDSL: 1.5Mbps ADSL: 1.5Mbps down, 384Kbps up 1.5 Mbps (T1) to 155 Mbps (OC3); Gigabit Ethernet also available
Parties Responsible for Operation, Maintenance Your ISP and Sprint (the 5th most well connected network provider) Sprint’s 24x7x365 Network Operations Center
Help Desk Sprint 24x7x365 Help Desk provided at no charge
Time to Set Up 7-10 days to set up first user, then 48 hours for subsequent 30–60 days 30–90 days
Contract Term None, month-to-month 12-month contract term with each site contracted separately
Connectivity Service Level Agreement (SLA) Limited; still depends partially on ISP's ability to pass traffic to Sprint VAS GW YES. Sprint guarantees uptime and latency of the MPLS network
Pricing* $10/user/month after $50/organization plus $25/user setup fees Starts at $500/site/mo plus $10/user/mo after $2,000/site setup fee (<100 users)* ADSL: $175/site/mo, SDSL: $500/site/mo plus $10/device/mo after $450-700/site setup fee (maximum of 50 users/site) Starts at $450/site/mo for fractional T1 plus $10/device/mo after ~$1,000/site setup fee*

*Contact our Sales team for larger configurations. Billing is direct to end-customer.

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