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IBM Domino Hosting

IBM Notes LogoProminic.NET has a long history with Domino hosting. We were the first to offer low-cost Domino hosting, the first to pioneer partitioned hosting on a large scale, and we have for years been at the forefront of automation and server management. Whether your Domino is blue or yellow, Prominic knows it inside and out.


Prominic offers three types of Domino packages to meet a variety of hosting needs. For more information, please feel free to review the summary information provided below, or contact our Sales department.


Why You Should Host with

IBM Domino Hosting – Business Advantage

Hosting with Prominic.NET provides a number of advantages over deploying Domino on your own servers in-house:

  • Expert Notes and Domino administration and support without the expense of full-time staff
  • An Enterprise-class data center with extensive system redundancy
  • High-speed Internet connectivity over multiple, fully-redundant carriers
  • Built-in growth path, from small and inexpensive Development (Shared) packages to clustered dedicated servers
  • Options to deploy advanced technologies with minimal investment required:
    • True IPSec VPNs for additional security
    • Granular, automated backups of live databases (no downtime)
    • IBM Notes Traveler E-mail, contacts, and calendar access for your mobile workforce
    • Leading anti-virus and anti-spam solutions that do not use your computing resources (processor or bandwidth)
    • Load balancing and failover of servers and networks

There are many compelling reasons today to outsource your Domino messaging, collaboration and application environments to a managed hosting services provider. Let Prominic.NET demonstrate how hosting your environment with us can save you time and money!

IBM Domino Hosting – Development

Our IBM Domino Development servers, or shared servers, allow you to start your Domino environment economically by sharing a server instance with a number of other customers-- though of course your own data will remain private and secure. There are some limitations: your users are certified in the "/Prominic" organization, you do not have access to the Domino Directory, and you do not have unrestricted agent or administrative rights. However you can run restricted agents in your databases and can also take advantage of Xpages technology for exciting, dynamic web development. Development packages are a great place to have a trial run at Notes and Domino usage or development.

Development servers are designed for development and testing and should not be utilized for production applications. We realize that some customers will choose to run their production applications and websites on a shared server due to the cost, and they will be fairly successful in doing this, but we strongly encourage customers to run any mission critical applications in a Cloud VM or higher-level environment.

IBM Domino Hosting – Cloud VM

On a Cloud VM (Partitioned) server you have your own instance of the Domino server software, but you are on a physical server that has other instances running. You have your own unique Notes domain and your users are certified in an organizational unit of your choosing (i.e. "/YourCompany"). You have direct access to the Domino Directory, full administrative control over most settings in your server document, and OS level access as well. Your team can handle the Domino server administration, or you can add bundled support to your package and engage our support engineers for help. Regardless of your administration choice, Prominic.NET will handle the server creation as well as implement a small set of best practices server settings. From a purely Domino standpoint, a VM server is just like having a completely dedicated Domino server—you simply share the hardware with a limited number of other customers.

Cloud VM (Partitioned) servers are entry level environments for production level applications and websites. They are designed for applications that have completed development and testing and are ready for full-time use. These partitioned servers offer superior uptime, reliability and performance when compared to a Domino Development (Shared) server, but not the custom performance tuning or full hardware privacy of a Domino Dedicated server.

IBM Domino Hosting – Dedicated

IBM Domino Dedicated servers provide a step up even from Prominic's Cloud VMs. Performance, reliability and security are all maximized, making a dedicated production server the obvious choice for organizations serious about protecting their application or website investment. A dedicated production server is functionally similar to a Cloud VM server, but you do not share any hardware with other customers. Above and beyond a single VM and all of the features there, you also have the ability to control the size and number of VMs you are running (subject to contract). Need to spin up a new VM for a pilot program? No problem. Expanding your applications and need to add an additional technology on a new VM? Can do.

Add Prominic's bundled support services and stop worrying about uptime and server administration. We'll take care of everything for you!

IBM Domino Hosting – Enterprise

Ultimately, a single server is never sufficient for large, mission-critical applications. If you have a serious Domino application that needs the absolute best performance and reliability then you need to look at a high availability environment, and Prominic has the deep expertise to architect and implement exactly such a solution for you. Request a quote or call us today to discuss how we can best fit your unique needs.


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