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Domino Disaster Recovery

Developing an effective disaster recovery plan is about more than just restoration; it involves ensuring business vitality throughout any crisis, thus upholding your reputation. Organizations that leave themselves vulnerable to long periods of downtime and inefficiency stand to lose credibility and trust with their customers. The net effect could result in an unsatisfied customer base, and ultimately, a loss in revenue.

While other businesses continue to thrive with a reliable and resilient disaster recovery plan, your business could potentially be left behind, with little chance to catch-up. The Prominic team collaborates with you to construct a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan for your IBM Domino servers, so you can maintain business continuity.

Internal or Outsourced Disaster Recovery

At Prominic, we can extend our disaster recovery plan depending on your need for internal or outsourced support.

  • Domino Server hosted internally: We connect your internal Domino environment to one or more Domino servers hosted in our Enterprise datacenters. Data replicates continuously and in real-time, allowing instant failover and eliminating downtime that affects productivity and your bottom line.
  • Domino Server hosted with Prominic: Not only will Prominic host and fully manage your primary Domino servers, we will also run a redundant environment in one or more of our geographically separate datacenters. You'll have stability, both on the server level and from a facility perspective.

Disaster Recovery Optimized Data Center Infrastructure

Prominic's competitive advantage is our ability to leverage unparalleled Lotus/Domino expertise and training with our resilient data center infrastructure.

Prominic will host your data in our robust, geo-separate data centers, with a private fiber connection - providing our customers with a resilient infrastructure and unmatched levels of availability.

Our redundant data centers feature:

  • High-Availability Clustering
  • Transparent Failover and Load Balancing
  • Active Monitoring System
  • Self-healing Servers
  • System Upgrades and Patches

While our competitors outsource their data center to a third-party, we control our own primary infrastructure. Click here to learn more about our data centers.

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