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Domino Performance Tuning

The Prominic team goes a step further than the competition. We not only conduct a thorough IBM Lotus Notes and Domino performance diagnosis, but can quickly provide the exact remedy to any issue that arises. Our team consists of Domino server experts, with hundreds of installations under their belts. We are confident in our ability to leverage our technical expertise to efficiently deliver superior performance in your Domino environment.

Our diagnostic and tuning process entails:

  • Identifying Application Performance Problems -- We use our monitoring tools to discern where you have resource limitations of disk access, memory, network, and processor. Once we’ve spotted limitations and fully analyzed performance, we are able to identify the problem.
  • Turbo-charging your application -- Once we have identified the problem areas in your applications, we can turbo-charge them by applying the appropriate hardware and load balancing techniques. We also help guide the development effort when necessary with targeted recommendations for application re-structuring, including fully optimizing the views, forms, tables, fields, caching, security, database size, and number of databases.

We specialize in Domino environments where:

  • Databases are multiple gigabytes
  • You have tens of thousands, or even millions of documents
  • Your application is used by hundreds or thousands of people
  • Your site is mission critical
  • Uptime, reliability and performance is a must

Application redevelopment efforts are costly and time-consuming, and your users can't wait. Regardless of the size or complexity of your Notes & Domino apps, Prominic can radically improve performance overnight.

Our knowledge of high-performance computing and storage networks, coupled with our proprietary best practices for Domino servers, will transform your end-user experience. Give us a call today!


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