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IBM Lotus Domino Development (Shared) Hosting

imageProminic.NET's Lotus Domino Development servers (aka "shared servers") are ideal for database development and testing, and for small production sites and applications that require a low-cost, quality hosting environment.

Our Development packages range from $10 to $150 per month, and are among the most competitive in the industry.

Domino Development (Shared) Hosting – Business Advantage

Prominic.NET's Lotus Domino Development (Shared) hosting packages are designed to provide maximum performance for minimum expense. In a shared hosting environment, one server is shared among multiple customers. This allows us to spread the cost of all the resources (hardware, redundant Internet, electricity, generators, cooling, etc.) across all customers on the server, resulting in a lower individual cost.

Prominic places a maximum of 30 active customers on each of our Development (Shared) servers. This results in an affordable Domino hosting solution that does not compromise security, performance or reliability. Contrast this with some of our competitors who pack as many customers as possible on their servers, and you'll begin to see why Prominic.NET has a reputation for quality and reliable service!

Domino Development (Shared) Hosting – Technical Details

What is a Domino Development server?

Our IBM Lotus Domino Development Servers are also often referred to as "shared servers" or "virtual servers." These servers are designed for database development and testing, and occasionally for light production hosting. These servers are not designed for full-fledged production applications that require substantial bandwidth and server resources, however — and no shared package from any hosting provider is.

How do I upload my database?

Prominic will issue you a Notes ID, which should be used to create a replica of your database in your account folder. Prominic will designate a particular server to use, and your private account folder will be the same as the customer ID we assign to you. Upload your database by switching to your Prominic Notes ID, adding your new Prominic username to your database ACL, and going to File –> Replication –> New Replica in your Notes client.

Can I run agents on my server?

Prominic allows restricted agents, but only when signed (saved) by your Prominic-issued Notes ID. We do not allow unrestricted agents in our development environment; consider upgrading to a Production (Partitioned) server if you need to run unrestricted agents.

What kind of support will I receive?

Prominic.NET Domino Development (Shared) servers are unmanaged, which means you are responsible for all maintenance and administration on your account. We will, of course, maintain the hardware, the base operating system and the Domino installation. Beyond this, you are responsible for database administration, data backup, code debugging, programming problem resolution, etc. We will provide you with a minimum of ½ hour of free Bundled Support each month for addressing any issues that you need our assistance with, and more for those customers on higher level packages.

We will, however, monitor ports 80 (HTTP) and 1352 (Notes) at no additional charge to you. Our management and monitoring software will actually restart your server in the event of a crash, most of the time without the need for human intervention. Even so, we will be notified via e-mail and eventually by pager if your server is down for any extended period of time. Assistance in determining the cause of the crash will be billed at our standard support rate.

What is "Bundled Support"?

Even if your server is unmanaged, we will include a limited number of managed support hours for you. Support beyond these hours is billed at $150 / hour.

How do I obtain support?

Customers on Development (Shared) servers may obtain support by e-mailing our Support department. Please read more about how we care for and support our customers.

How is disk space calculated?

Disk space calculation includes all data in your account folder, including both Domino database and HTML files. Disk space is sampled regularly and averaged over the course of a month. Prominic does not prevent you from exceeding your disk space quota, and it is your responsibility to manage your file sizes to avoid paying overquota charges.

Domino Development (Shared) Hosting – Pricing

Bundled Domino Application Development Hosting Monthly Per User
Email plus Apps – Run custom Domino applications & websites $20
Email, Apps & Mobility – The complete email and app package $30
Apps Only (no Email) – Fully licensed Domino application & website servers $15
—Storage: Each paid application user adds 5 GB of space to the application pool

Domino Development (Shared) Hosting – Before You Buy

A "shared" or "virtual" server can never be much more than a development platform due to the very nature of what this environment is, and this is the same for any provider you are looking at. Your data is on a server shared among many other customers who are competing for the same computing resources that you are. We take security seriously in our shared server environment, so some potentially dangerous functions are restricted or even completely unavailable. Also keep in mind that a bug in someone else's code could cause a Development server to crash, bringing down the applications and website for all other customers on the server. Our management and monitoring system will bring any troubled server back online in a very short time, but a production-grade application deserves a stable production environment.

We realize that some customers will choose to run their production applications and websites on a shared server due to the low cost, and they will be fairly successful in doing so. Customers will, however, find that our Production (Partitioned) and Dedicated server environments have much better stability, reliability and performance.

Do I have any options to add e-mail to my development package?
Our Domino Development (Shared) packages are only for application hosting, but we do offer supplementary e-mail services. Whether you need basic Unix POP3/IMAP/Webmail or full-fledged Notes-based e-mail/webmail, we have affordable options available. Please read more about our Managed E-mail Services.


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