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IBM Lotus Domino Production (Partitioned) Hosting

Lotus Notes Domino LogoProminic.NET's Lotus Domino Production servers (aka "partitioned servers") are ideal for database development and testing, and for small production sites and applications that require a low-cost, quality hosting environment. Our Production packages start at $99 per month, and are among the most competitive in the industry. These packages include the Domino server licensing, but if you already have a Domino server license, consider our Virtual Private Server (VPS) offering. You can also purchase a server license from Prominic by contacting our Sales department.



Prominic offers three types of Domino packages to meet a variety of hosting needs. For more information, follow one of the links above, review the summary information provided below, or contact our Sales department.

Domino Production (Partitioned) Hosting – Pricing

Feature Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Setup Fee: Equal to 1 month's payment
Messaging Server: $99 mo. $199 mo. $299 mo. $399 mo. $499 mo.
Enterprise Server: $199 mo. $299 mo. $399 mo. $499 mo. $599 mo.
Utility Server: $449 mo. $549 mo. $649 mo. $749 mo. $849 mo.
Customer Licensed: Click here to see our discounted pricing if you supply your own server license
Clustering Option: Add an identical clustered partition, and we'll discount both partitions by 20%
Disk Space: 2 GB 5 GB 10 GB 20 GB 40 GB
Monthly Bandwidth: 2 GB 5 GB 20 GB 50 GB 100 GB
Internet Domains: 5 10 20 40 100
Server Tasks: 3 5 8 12 18
Agent Manager:(1) 1 2 4 7 10
Bundled Support: ½ Hour ½ Hour 1 Hour
($150 value)
2 Hours
($300 value)
3 Hours
($450 value)
BlackBerry: $30 or less $30 or less $30 or less Free Account! Free Account plus Free Handheld!(2)
Dedicated SSL: $149 $149 $149 Free! Free!

(1) Only applies when the Agent Manager task is selected
(2) Prominic will provide you with a free BlackBerry Handheld valued up to $199 (monthly carrier service not included) upon request, after 6 months of paid service at Level 5.

Overquota Charges

  • Disk Space - $0.25 / MB / month
  • Data Transfer - $0.02 / MB / month
  • Additional Internet Domains - $2 / Domain / month
  • Additional Agent Managers - $30 / Agent Manager / month
  • Additional Server Tasks - $50 / Server Task / month
  • Additional Support - $150 / hour

Domino Production (Partitioned) Hosting – Technical Details

What is a Domino Production Server?
Our IBM Lotus Domino Production servers are also often referred to as "partitioned" servers. These servers are designed both for database development and testing, and for entry-level production hosting.

Domino Messaging Server
Starting at $99 / month!

The Domino Messaging server supports full use of the IBM Lotus Domino e-mail functionality including e-mail, calendaring, scheduling and collaborative applications such as the discussion forum, document library and any templates that come standard with the Domino server. This server does not include an entitlement to run Domino applications not included standard with the server, so custom application hosting is not allowed. The Messaging server is licensed in the traditional user-based client-server model, where customers purchase a client access license (CAL) for each authenticated user of the server.

SUMMARY: Mail only, applications not allowed, individual user licenses required.

Domino Enterprise Server
Starting at $199 / month!

The Domino Enterprise server supports custom applications created "in house" by customers and software vendors. It also includes clustering capabilities for high-availability implementations. Like the Domino Messaging server, customers purchase a CAL for each authenticated user of the server. Although you can use mail (minimum 2 additional server tasks—Router and SMTP) with the Domino Enterprise server, Prominic highly suggests the purchase of a separate Domino Messaging server partition. Separating your mail server from your application server is always a good practice and leads to better reliability and uptime. We'll also give you 10% off your mail server partition if you add that on top of an Enterprise partition!

SUMMARY: Applications only, mail allowed (but not recommended), individual user licenses required.

Domino Utility Server
Starting at $449 / month!

The Domino Utility server allows access to custom Domino applications like the Enterprise server, but it does not require any individual user licenses for those accessing via a web browser. The server may be accessed by users both inside the corporate firewall, or external on the Internet or Extranet. This means you can have as many authenticated users accessing the server as you wish without the requirement to track their licenses! The Utility server includes clustering capabilities for high-availability implementations. Because of the no-CAL-required feature, this server normally does not allow for any e-mail usage; however Prominic has added a Messaging Server license to our Utility server offering, so you have full application hosting and e-mail functionality (additional client licensing required for mail).

As with the Enterprise partition, we recommend that you separate your mail server from your application hosting server, so we'll give you 20% off your mail server partition if you add that on top of a Utility partition!

SUMMARY: Applications only, mail allowed (but not recommended), no individual licenses required (unlimited web users!).

Can I run agents on my server?
Yes, you can run both restricted and unrestricted agents on your Production (Partitioned) server.

What kind of support will I receive?
Prominic.NET Domino Production servers are unmanaged, which means you are responsible for all maintenance and administration on your account. We will, of course, maintain the hardware, the base operating system and the Domino installation. Beyond this, you are responsible for database administration, data backup, code debugging, programming problem resolution, etc. We will provide you with a minimum of ½ hour of free Bundled Support each month for addressing any issues that you need our assistance with, and more for those customers on higher level packages.

We will, however, monitor ports 80 (HTTP) and 1352 (Notes) at no additional charge to you. Our management and monitoring software will actually restart your server in the event of a crash, most of the time without the need for human intervention. Even so, we will be notified via e-mail and eventually by pager if your server is down for any extended period of time. Assistance in determining the cause of the crash will be billed at our standard support rate.

What is "Bundled Support"?
Even if your server is unmanaged, we will include a limited number of managed support hours for you. Support beyond these hours is billed at $150 / hour.

How do I obtain support?
Customers on production servers may obtain support by contacting our Support department. Please read more about how we care for and support our customers.

What is the "Servertasks" limit in the pricing table?
Servertasks are those tasks that run on the Domino server, such as SMTP, HTTP, ROUTER, etc. They provide different services and enabled your server to perform different functions. The more tasks you run, the more resources you use on the server, contributing to the overall load of the server. Available servertasks include:

AdminP – Admin Process – Automates a variety of administrative tasks.
AMgr – Agent Manager – Runs scheduled agents on one or more databases.
Billing – Collects all generated billing information. Used mainly in an xSP server installation.
CA – CA Process – Automates a variety of server-based certificate authority tasks.
Calconn – Calendar Connector – Processes requests for free-time information from another server.
Cldbdir – Cluster Database Directory Manager – Updates the cluster database directory and manages databases with cluster-specific attributes.
Clrepl – Cluster Replicator – Performs database replication in a cluster.
Collect – Statistic Collector – Collects statistics for multiple servers.
DIIOP – Allows Java applets/applications to access Domino data remotely using CORBA.
Dircat – Directory Cataloger – Populates directory catalogs and keeps the catalogs up-to-date.
Domidx – Domain Indexer – Creates a central, full-text index for all specified databases and file systems in a domain. Runs only on Domain Catalog servers.
HTTP – HTTP Server – Enables a Domino server to act as a Web server so browser clients can access databases on the server.
ICM – Internet Cluster Manager – Provides failover and workload balancing for HTTP clients (Internet browsers) that access Domino Web servers.
IMAP – IMAP Server – Enables a Domino server to act as a maildrop for IMAP clients.
ISpy – Sends server and mail probes and stores the statistics.
LDAP – LDAP Server – Enables a Domino server to provide LDAP directory services to LDAP clients.
MTC – Reads log files produced by the router and writes summary data about message traffic to a database for message tracking purposes.
POP3 – POP3 Server – Enables a Domino server to act as a maildrop for POP3 clients.
Replica – Database Replicator – Replicates databases with other servers.
Router – Routes mail to other servers.
RnRMgr – Rooms & Resource Manager – Processes all Rooms and Resources activities, such as meeting invitations, reschedules or cancellations, and updates the Busytime database accordingly.
Sched – Schedule Manager – Returns meeting times and dates and available invitees.
SMTP – SMTP listener – Listens for incoming SMTP connections, enabling Domino to receive mail from other SMTP hosts.
Stats – Generates statistics for a remote server on demand.
Web – Web Retriever – Implements the HTTP protocol to retrieve Web pages and convert them into Notes documents.

How is disk space calculated?
Disk space calculation includes all data in your partition. In addition to your user files and databases, your help files, transaction logs, Domino console logs, HTML logs, etc., all occupy space and are included in your disk space usage calculation. Disk space is sampled regularly and averaged over the course of a month. Prominic does not prevent you from exceeding your disk space quota, and it is your responsibility to manage your file sizes to avoid paying overquota charges.

Domino Production (Partitioned) Hosting – Before You Buy

How do I choose between a Production (Partitioned) server and a Dedicated server?
Production (Partitioned) and Dedicated servers are functionally similar, so here are some factors to consider when choosing between the two.

  • Production (Partitioned) servers include the server license in the base monthly price, Dedicated servers do not.
  • Customers considering a Production (Partitioned) Utility server package should instead consider a Dedicated server with the Domino Utility Express license. The overall cost will be similar or possibly even less, but you'll receive much more value for the money spent on the dedicated server.
  • Dedicated servers include access to the base operating systems, Production (Partitioned) servers do not.
  • Dedicated servers generally have better performance and reliability, since you are the only customer using the machine.
  • Dedicated servers allow the installation of 3rd-party applications, Production (Partitioned) servers do not.
  • Production (Partitioned) servers can easily be upgraded to a Dedicated server. Prominic can move your partition to dedicated hardware while keeping the server name and IP address the same. This means your end users will see no visible changes and basically eliminates any work required on your part to coordinate the upgrade.

Domino Production (Partitioned) Hosting – Business Advantage

Prominic.NET's Lotus Domino Production (Partitioned) hosting packages are designed to provide maximum performance for minimum cost. In a partitioned hosting environment, one physical machine is partitioned among a very small number of customers. This allows us to spread the expense of all the resources (hardware, redundant Internet, electricity, generators, cooling, etc.) across all customers on the server, resulting in a lower individual cost compared to a dedicated server.

For an implementation of Domino, a Production (Partitioned) server is functionally similar to a dedicated server. You have your own Domino directory, certifier and server doc, and you have full administrative rights in your partition. You can run both restricted and unrestricted agents, which gives you maximum programming and data processing flexibility.

Due to the fact that there are fewer customers on a Production (Partitioned) server machine, this environment generally offers better performance and reliability than the Development (Shared) environment. Unlike Dedicated servers, the Production (Partitioned) environment includes all server licensing costs in the base monthly price, which can be of great value—no(1) large, up-front licensing charges.

If you are looking for a high performance server environment that is reasonably priced, our Production (Partitioned) packages are the perfect solution.

(1) Individual client licenses (CALs) are not included and are customer's responsibility. Prominic is an authorized reseller of IBM Lotus licensing and software products.


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