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Flash Media Server

Flash Media Server is a data and media server that works with Flash Player runtime to create media driven multiuser RIA’s. Think of it as a hub for Flash based applications that allows users to send and receive crisp real time data.

With FMS you can create scalable streaming video and engage your visitors with high quality on demand live video. Where other streaming servers can deliver streaming media from client to server only, FMS can capture webcam, microphone feeds and text and deliver it to other users. Multi client collaboration in chat rooms and multiplayer games has never been easier.

FMS Video blogging eliminates drag no matter how long your video is, 30 seconds to several hours- there is no size limit to what FMS can stream.Live video and real time audio/video communications are becoming more and more attractive. Multi-bit rate encoding means you can reach previously impossible performance goals. Use your webcam to broadcast corporate meetings, sporting events and Live 24/7 constant video.

Flash Media Server comes in two editions- Flash Media Interactive Server and Flash Media Streaming Server. Both offer improved performance, secure streaming, live stream enhancements, and stream delivery to mobile phones with Adobe Flash Lite and Adobe Media Player software.

If you want to stream recorded Flash video or MP3 files, with no limit on how many people can access the stream, stream from specific domains to authorized users, and build a streaming player with no server side scripts- Choose FMS Streaming.If you want to build a player with server side scripts, launch a chat application, record video messages, or limit the number of users that can record or stream at one time, Choose FMS Interactive.

Prominic and Flash Media Server

Prominic offers customizable managed dedicated Flash Media Server hosting plans.

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For More Information

  • For a video tutorial on installing Flash Media Server 3 check out this video by Polygeek
  • For a series of case studies that show you how versatile FMS is check out this Adobe Landing page
  • For more information on Flash Media Streaming Server 3 visit Adobe Products
  • For more information on Flash Media Interactive Server 3 visit Adobe here


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