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Flex Data Services 2 and Flex 3

Flex Data Services 2 is J2EE application that runs on J2EE application servers and is used with Adobe Flex 2 for powerful data driven web applications. This version adds data synchronization features, a data paging engine, data push capabilities and in-context collaboration capabilities that will allow concurrent information sharing. Flex Data Services features cross platform support, automated synchronization of data between client and server, and high performance connectivity.

Flex 3

Adobe Flex 3 is a cross platform open source framework used by developers to create internet applications that will run the same in all major browsers, desktops, and operating systems. Flex applications are delivered through the Flash Player or Adobe AIR, and are built with the free Flex SDK or with Adobe Flex Builder 3, which accelerates development with integrated tools and built in components.

Flex is used to create an interactive user experience, and increase user productivity. Connect your Flex app to a database and you can pull back-end information and display it visually to your users. Create applications that can be used for enhanced navigation through multiple product lines, or to simplify a complex selection process.

Flex and ColdFusion

Adobe integrated the previous version of Flex with ColdFusion and added extensions, wizards, and rich form features in ColdFusion Flash forms. With ColdFusion PDF functionality and Flex 3, you can manage the almost impossible task of snagging visuals from Flex applications and exporting them in PDF (or JPG) format-with one line of code.

Prominic, Flex, and You

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See it in Action

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For More Information

  • has books, articles, a Flex community, downloads and docs available to help you get the most out of Flex.
  • Check out the Flex Team Blog for the latest news and information.
  • The Flex Developer Center has resources to get you started, and help you create enhanced applications.


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