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Apache Geronimo

Apache Geronimo is a open source J2EE application server. Geronimo has a sleek design based on Inversion of Control so the kernel is not dependant on any of its components. GBeans connect the components to the kernel. Because each GBean can maintain state, GBean modules offer the ability to remove unwanted services, or switch between two servlet containers without affecting the rest of the architecture.

With Geronimo you can mix and match components to build an application server stack that fits your needs. You can make as light or heavy an application as you want, simply by adding or removing a component from the console.

Included in the Geronimo project are the following open source components:

  • Apache Tomcat
  • Jetty
  • Active MQ
  • OpenEJB
  • OPenJPA
  • ServiceMix
  • Axis and Scout
  • CXF
  • Derby
  • Yoko.

Prominic and Geronimo

Prominic offers managed dedicated Geronimo hosting plans starting at $219.00/mo and virtual Geronimo hosting plans starting at only $29.00/mo.

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