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High Availability Solutions

In today's information-based society, enterprises of all sizes depend on their information assets and the servers and systems on which they are hosted to run their operations.

Certainly, hosting with Prominic.NET creates a world-class environment for your servers— conditioned power, natural gas generator backups, carefully controlled environmentals, and multiple levels of physical and computer-based security all contribute to our superior service levels. But some systems are so critical that they require additional measures to ensure that they are accessible at all times. Prominic.NET's High Availability solutions are the answer.

Prominic.NET High Availability Options

With our hosted High Availability solutions, your systems are protected by additional layers of hardware and network redundancy. We can combine a variety of hardware and software in both dedicated and shared configurations, providing affordable answers to your high availability needs:

  • Although ALL systems at Prominic are protected by firewall appliances, devices dedicated to your server or servers provide additional flexibility and the option to add Virtual Private Networking to other locations.
  • Our dedicated load-balancing/failover solutions handle high-volume sites, spreading traffic across multiple servers and automatically rerouting the entire load should a particular server fail.
  • Our shared load-balancing/failover configurations enable smaller businesses to reap the benefits of a high availability solution that would otherwise be priced out of their reach.
  • Alternate servers can be hosted at our secondary data center, providing additional security in the event that physical damage occurs to servers hosted in our primary facility.

Prominic Private Cloud

Use of the public Internet is quite frequently the weakest link in access to critical applications hosted in the "cloud." For more information about how our private and hybrid networking solutions can improve availability even further, visit our Private Cloud page or contact our Sales team for a no-cost, no-obligation design consultation.

High Availability Solutions – Case Study

The Opportunity
A software development company that supports its customers primarily via Internet-based purchases and software downloads is experiencing increased downtime on its internally-hosted servers. The servers need to be available 24/7 for downloads, and, ideally, the load needs to be spread across multiple servers when necessitated by demand.

The Prominic.NET Solution
The software company and Prominic.NET design a dedicated high availability solution that maximizes uptime, virtually eliminating unscheduled downtime:

  • Two IBM Lotus Domino servers are configured to host the site, one in each of Prominic.NET’s data centers
  • Each server is connected to multiple Internet Service Providers through a dedicated firewall appliance and load balancer
  • The two servers are linked over Prominic.NET’s private fiber network for server replication and so that if either server fails the site remains up 24/7/365

The Result
The site is up and so are sales!


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