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Microsoft IIS/ASP.NET Hosting

Internet Information Services (IIS) developed by Microsoft is a highly scalable and reliable web server that ranks behind only Apache HTTP server as the most popular web platform on earth.

IIS role is available on all modern Windows versions, server and workstation alike. With Fault-tolerant process architecture, application pools, health monitoring, rapid-fail protection, and automatic process recycling, IIS has become a powerful web server solution.

IIS is central to uniting MS Web platform technologies; ASP.NET, Windows Communication Foundation Web services and SharePoint Services.

ASP.NET is a server-side scripting technology used to create dynamic web pages, web services and web applications. ASP.NET is the next generation of ASP technologies, and is used to create everything from small personal web pages, to large, enterprise class applications. ASP.NET code can be written in any language supported by .NET and because the work is done on the server, it is browser independent.

Prominic and IIS/ASP.NET

Prominic offers managed, dedicated IIS/ASP.NET hosting for all your needs. Request a Quote below or contact us for more information or to discuss customized solutions.


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