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JBoss Application Server

JBoss is the most powerful free open source Java application server for use with Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB). JBoss is cross-platform, so it works on any Java supported operating system.

JBoss won the Java World Editors Choice for Best Application Server in 2002, and has only improved since then. The benefits of using JBoss include JAAS security, connection pooling, seamless clustering, cashing and persistence. JBoss supports JNDI, JTS/JTA, Tomcat or Jetty Servlet/JSP, JCA and JMS.

JBoss can be used to create:

  • pc to mobile media streaming
  • specialized single sign on user authentication
  • Google-like search capabilities with less cost and difficulty than ever before
  • Rich internet application development

Prominic and JBoss

Prominic offers secure, reliable and flexible virtual private JBoss hosting starting at $29/mo and managed, dedicated JBoss hosting starting at $219/mo.

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