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JRuby, Grails, and Groovy

JRuby is a free Java written Ruby interpreter, that runs Ruby programs under the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and allows full two-way access between Ruby and Java code. It is a pure Java implementation of the Ruby language.

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Prominic and JRuby,Grails & Groovy

Prominic offers managed dedicated JRuby,Grails & Groovy hosting plans starting at $219.00/mo,and virtual JRuby,Grails & Groovy hosting plans starting at only $29.00/mo.

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Groovy and Grails

Grails is an open source web app framework that uses Groovy (a standardized dynamic language built from parts of other languages like Ruby, Python, and Smalltalk) as the foundation language and runs on JVM.

Grails and Groovy accelerate the development of web applications and tout a zero learning curve for Java developers.

Groovy increases productivity by streamlining scaffolding code, simplifies testing, and integrating with all existing Java objects and libraries.

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