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Adobe JRun

Adobe JRun streamlines the creation, implementation and management of your high performance applications at a fraction of the normal cost.

JRun is a J2EE compatible, web-service enabled, application server used for java applications. JRun offers support for XML,SOAP,WSDL,UDDI, multiplatform support, and built in Flash support.

JRun has several licensing options including a free Developer Edition, a full commercial version, and an upgrade version. Each version is full-featured. JRun supports MS SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase and Informix databases, as well as others.


  • installs quickly and features a simple graphical installation interface complete with wizards
  • enhances productivity by integrating with your current Java IDE
  • senses new files and deploys them without the need to restart the server
  • simplifies management and admin tasks through an intuitive browser based Management Console
  • provides support for EJB2.0
  • JRun and Prominic

    Prominic offers managed dedicated JRun hosting plans starting at $219.00/mo and virtual JRun hosting plans starting at only $29.00/mo.

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    For user to user discussions visit the JRun Support Forums

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    Visit Adobe for downloads, more features and system requirements.


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