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Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite

Adobe LiveCycle ES is an integrated J2EE server solution that allows you to extend your reach and engage customers in a better way. Now, you can connect customers, partners and suppliers with your business applications to maximize productivity.

With Adobe LiveCycle ES you can bring your paper-based processes online, saving time and money. The online documents you create with Adobe LiveCycle ES are intuitive, interactive and customizable. You can manage information better, faster and more accurately for less than ever before.

Create a custom workflow that allows you to capture data easily and boost productivity across the board. When you automate your processes, transaction cycle times are improved dramatically. Digital signatures, document encryption, and rights management secure the flow on both ends of the transaction. Real time tracking give you up-to date transaction information on the fly.

LiveCycle Enterprise Edition Software Suite offers component solutions that can be purchased separately or as part of LiveCycle ES Data Capture Edition, or LiveCycle ES Business Transformation edition.

Prominic and Adobe LiveCycle ES

Prominic offers managed dedicated LiveCycle ES server hosting.

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For More Information

  • Visit Adobe User Forums to discuss LiveCycle with other developers, learn about Adobe tools and get access to Adobe SDKs. Members only.
  • Greg Wilson created a wonderful 14 minute video on his blog "an intro video for developers" about what Adobe can do on the "back-end". Ben Forta calls this video "one of the best high-level technical introductions to LiveCycle".

Adobe – LiveCycle ES Data Capture

Combines four components that help developers design and deliver rich data capture experiences for customers, partners and suppliers:

  • LiveCycle Forms ES – create interactive XML based forms as HTML, PDF or SWF.
  • LiveCycle Data Services ES – to integrate RIA’s with J2EE applications, LiveCycle services and business logic.
  • LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES – allowing users to fill-in, sign and save Adobe PDF’s using Adobe Reader.
  • LiveCycle Barcoded Forms ES – automates capturing form data using 2D barcodes.

Adobe – LiveCycle ES Business Transformation

LiveCycle ES Business Transformation includes eight components to help you protect sensitive information and create personalized documents

Components include the four bundled with LiveCycle ES Data Capture as well as:

  • LiveCycle Process Management ES – to streamline business processes across the firewall.
  • LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES – to automate validation of PDF digital signatures.
  • LiveCycle Output ES – generates personalized print or electronic documents.
  • LiveCycle Rights Management ES – for sensitive document protection.

Adobe – Stand Alone Components

Adobe offers the following stand alone products, that are not bundled with either LiveCycle suite.

  • LiveCycle Production Print ES – for creation and deployment of template driven documents for production printing.
  • LiveCycle PDF Generator ES – Automate creation of PDF’s from any native file format.
  • LiveCycle Connectors for ECM - extend and return information from back-end and legacy systems.


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