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Server Monitoring Services

Prominic.NET NATIV SolutionsServer monitoring is critical for any company serious about protecting their Internet investment. Prominic.NET offers 'round the clock server monitoring as an option for all production packages, partitioned or dedicated. Critical systems are continuously monitored, and alerts are sent out via e-mail or pager. Subscribe to our Monitoring with Notification service for $50 / month, and we'll send the alerts directly to you so you can take appropriate action on your account. Subscribe to our Monitoring with Recovery service for $100 / month, and not only will we continue to send alerts to you, our administrators will also take immediate action to address the problem on your server! This way, you don't have to drop everything to deal with your server.

Prominic.NET has also developed custom software to automatically restart a crashed IBM Lotus Domino server, without needing to reboot the entire machine. This means crashed servers are restarted automatically within minutes of the incident, usually before an administrator even logs on to check the problem! Maximum uptime, minimum downtime. Our automatic recovery software is available to any customer who subscribes to Monitoring with Recovery.


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