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Lotus Notes Client in the Cloud

Imagine using IBM Lotus Notes anytime, anywhere. Gain the flexibility to access Lotus Notes on any device. Works with LotusLive or your existing data center!

Notes from any device, anywhere

The Notes client runs on our servers, so you can connect from Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone®, iPad®, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile & thin clients. All you need is any device listed and an Internet connection.

Easier Application Delivery

Software developers (ISVs) can create applications that run on Notes, but sell to any organization. No more "non-Notes shops" - Notes is available everywhere, on-demand and in the Cloud.

Outsource everything

If you want, you can be a full Notes/Domino shop and let us manage all the software.

Use any Domino server

Works with any Domino server - hosted at LotusLive, internally or in the Prominic Cloud.

Keep your legacy apps

Have critical Notes applications that are hard to port to a new platform? Keep them. Any user can still run the apps, without the Notes/Domino software in-house.

Keep your notes island

Is your company migrating away from Notes, but one division still needs it? No problem - IT can stop supporting Notes/Domino, but selected departments can keep Notes alive in the Prominic Cloud.

No-work upgrades

When IBM releases a new version or fixpack for Notes, we do the update - one time in one place.

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