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Partner Program Overview

Welcome to Prominic.NET, the world's leading provider of managed hosting services for IBM Lotus and complementary solutions. Customers around the world rely on us for the most reliable, secure and affordable facilities for outsourcing their data center functions. By freeing our customers from the need to design, build and maintain their own facility, we help their businesses to focus on what they do best, enabling them to be more productive, cost-effective and profitable.

The Prominic.NET Partner Program is the key to extending your business into this fast-growing segment of the IT marketplace. We help make it possible for you to reach new clients—clients who have previously thought of enterprise-class solutions as unreachable due to the complexity of supporting a data center. Similarly, Prominic provides you with options for outsourcing your existing clients' backup, failover and disaster recovery needs.

In short, our Partner Program is a no-nonsense approach to collaboration that will provide you and your customers with new options to deploy your solutions and new opportunities to market your talents.

So, take the next steps toward teaming up with a global leader:

  • Determine the category or categories of our program that apply to you
  • Discover the benefits of joining the Prominic.NET Partner Program
  • Learn about the few requirements to join
  • Find out how easy it is to get started.

Thank you for your interest in the Prominic.NET Partner Program. We look forward to working with you!

Partner Program Overview – Partner Categories

The Prominic.NET Partner Program is divided into three categories. You can participate in any of the categories in which you demonstrate a proficiency, and you will receive the benefits associated with that category.

Solution Provider Partner

Designed for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Application Developers who provide solutions that could be offered in a hosted environment, or that could benefit from data backup or data storage, Prominic will partner with you to become either your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Enabler or your Preferred Hosting Provider. We deliver your existing application to customers who either prefer not to build and maintain a data center or who cannot afford the cost to do so.

As your Preferred Hosting Provider, Prominic will develop familiarity with your solution so that we can readily serve your clients in the event you don’t want to offer a full-blown SaaS model, but still want to provide your customers the ease of a hosted model. Not only will you profit from offering a more complete solution to your client, but we’ll also pay you a referral fee for any new customers you bring to us.

Example: A Notes-based CRM vendor signs a 12-person, geographically dispersed company which has no data center. Hosted on Prominic servers, this CRM solution is delivered as a platform-independent online service over a high-availability network with full data backup. Suddenly, a Notes application developer can offer a CRM service.

Systems Integrators

When infrastructure complexity and/or connectivity issues point toward a hosted solution, Prominic will help design and implement a complete managed solution—from hosting to field support of mobile and/or telecommuting end-customer staff. Our SI partnering opportunity allows us to each focus on our core offerings while leveraging one another's strengths, together providing a total solution. You maintain complete control of your customer relationship. You provide first-level support and bill the end-customer for all services at rates you determine. And while it is your responsibility to administer the server and service your clients, Prominic maintains the hosting infrastructure.

Developer Network

Prominic seeks developers who have experience with hosted applications, particularly those which are IBM Lotus-based. Be featured in our directory listing that showcases your skills, proficiencies and interests. Market yourself to a targeted audience who needs your development skills to complete the application development projects undertaken on our hosted platforms. Bring us new hosting business and we'll reward you with referral fees.

Partner Program Overview – Program Benefits

Prominic.NET Partner Program Benefits Summary:

Benefit Solution
Hosting Client Referral Fees X X X
Hosting Client Discounts - X -
Development Work Referrals from Prominic.NET - - X
Partner Directory on Prominic.NET X X X
Partner Page on Prominic.NET X X X
Partner Spotlight on Prominic.NET Home Page X X X

Partner Program Overview – Requirements

Prominic.NET Partner Program Requirements Summary:

Benefit Solution
Software-as-a-Service Offering X - -
Web Site Partner Page X X -
"Preferred Hosting Partner" Designation - X X
Participation in Major Vendor Partner Program
(e.g. IBM Lotus, Microsoft, RIM)
Technical Certifications X X X
Solution Support Staff (Telephone 9/5; On-Call 24/7) X X X
Reference Accounts - 3 5
Years in Business 5 5 3

Partner Program Overview – Getting Started

Getting started in the Prominic.NET Partner Program is easy. Simply call or write to our Sales team. We'll e-mail you a short PDF application to complete and return via e-mail. After a short telephone interview, we'll send you our partnering materials, including:

  • Instructions on how to complete our free contact registration process
  • A complete guide to benefits and requirements
  • Templates and instructions for building your Prominic.NET Partner Locator/Developer Network directory listing and page(s)
  • Referral, proposal and ordering guides
  • An invitation to submit an article for use in our Prominic.NET home page Partner Spotlight

In addition to the exposure and referrals, once enrolled you will receive regular updates on the Program, special offers and discounts. We'll also keep you aprised of enhancements to our managed services offerings and trends we're seeing in our customer base's buying habits.

It is our sincere desire to become an extension of your organization—a resource that you utilize that when your clients need a hosted solution.

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