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QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise makes it easy for accountants, bookkeepers and business owners to manage client information remotely, from any internet capable location. With QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions remote capabilities, CPA’s, bookkeepers and financial managers share single source information, keeping everyone updated with the most current version. [hr style="3" margin="10px 0px 10px 0px"]

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting allows-

  • CPAs to expand their reach to clients that would be otherwise cost prohibitive
  • Bookkeepers to work with multiple businesses from their own office
  • Business owners have constantly current information about transactions and inventories, even across multiple locations
One of the biggest concerns when when choosing to host Quickbooks is the ability to keep client data and all QuickBooks transactions safe and accessible. Prominic offers many solutions. Choose one of our preconfigured servers or build a custom hosting package. Back your business with:
  • Uninterruptible power with natural gas-powered backup generation
  • Shared Firewall protection
  • Redundant Internet connections
  • Cisco routers for dynamic failover
For even more security options, choose-
  • 24/7 Monitoring with automated server recovery
  • Local backup to disk or tape
  • Dedicated firewall protection
Ensure business continuity with-
  • 24/7/365 network and server monitoring and automated recovery
  • Remote backup and disaster recovery facilities
  • Advanced load balancing and failover systems
  • Expert advice
  • Remote storage
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QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and Prominic

Prominic offers dedicated QuickBooks Enterprise hosting as well as third party Intuit plugins such as integration for an on-line storefront. Request a Quote below or contact us for more information or to discuss a customized QuickBooks solution. [box style="1"]
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