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Apache Tomcat

Apache Tomcat is an open source, straightforward servlet container and web server. Also known as Jakarta Tomcat, this implementation of Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies is available for commercial use under the ASF license in binary and source versions. Tomcat supports Win, Mac, Linux, BSD, Solaris, AIX and z/OS

Tomcat has tools for configuration and management but can also be edited by XML formatted configuration files. Tomcat has its own HTTP server, and has secure basic and digest access authentication, CGI servlet, and SSI dynamic content capabilities, as well as an admin console.

Tomcat has no security issues within the standard setup, but still offers customizable solutions for those who want to create even higher security levels. It is JSP2.1 and Servlet 2.5 capable, has business-rules engine support available, and offers partial clustering support. Considered somewhat of a lightweight solution, Tomcat does not require a lot of memory and runs fast on small servers.

Sites powered by Tomcat include


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