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Unwire Your Business

So, you've gotten a taste of collaboration technology and now you cannot get enough. Why, then, should you have to leave your instant access to people and things behind when you leave the office?

Actually, you don't.

With Prominic's hosted wireless solutions, your e-mail, instant messaging and other collaboration tools can go where ever you do. Through our partnerships with IBM Lotus, Microsoft, eAccess and RIM, we offer enterprise-class connectivity to all of your computing resources for an affordable monthly fee.

Unwire Your Business – Business Advantage

Host your Lotus Notes/Domino or Microsoft Exchange environment at Prominic.NET or internally, and we'll connect your BlackBerry devices to your messaging resources in real-time with complete synchronization. The end result:
  • No duplicate e-mails (a problem typical of forwarding-only solutions)
  • No lost opportunities—always get your mail
  • Instant access to colleagues via instant messaging
  • Full access to a single copy of contact lists, to-do items and journal entries

Unwire Your Business – Before You Buy

Too small to justify a dedicated BlackBerry Enterprise Server?

Lotus Notes/Domino users can take advantage of our Shared BlackBerry offering, providing the same tight integration with Lotus Notes/Domino and Sametime but on a per user basis.

Does the idea of managing BlackBerry devices scare you?

Talk to our partner, eAccess. The premier provider of BlackBerry devices and device support, eAccess will shelter you from all of the technical and customer service issues associated with maintaining mobile devices.

Don't have BlackBerry devices?

Check with RIM to see if your Palm, Nokia or other device can take advantage of these services via BlackBerry Connect software.

Unwire Your Business – Case Study


A small publisher of local newspapers and magazines has decided that it is time to expand its sales force and go after larger accounts. The sales staff will need to stay in touch with the office staff and be able to follow up on e-mails while out on calls.


The publisher works with Prominic.NET to:

  • Migrate its bare-bones POP3 e-mail service to a hosted Notes/Domino Production Messaging Partition
  • Order BlackBerry devices for the sales staff from eAccess, who not only activates and provisions the devices with the publisher’s wireless carrier of choice, but will also provide ongoing technical and billing support for the BlackBerry devices
  • Set up Shared BlackBerry accounts for the salesmen, giving them instant access to their coworkers
  • Plan for future growth, possibly switching to dedicated servers for Domino and Sametime Instant Messaging

Internal staff gets more reliable and connected messaging and scheduling. Mobile sales staff can take the office on the road with them. Everyone stays in touch.


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