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IBM WebSphere Hosting

imageWebSphere is IBM's powerful J2EE application server that enables businesses and organizations to build robust, Web-based applications. WebSphere, a transaction-oriented web server, allows you to develop, launch, and integrate powerful e-business applications—customer management systems, transaction processing, infrastructure adjustment, and many others. This high-performance server provides solutions for connecting people, systems, and applications with your internal and external resources.

WebSphere Application Server

The foundation of the platform is IBM WebSphere Application Server, which provides specialized configurations created to meet your specific business needs. Every WebSphere Application Server configuration is powered by a single Java engine, so you can easily port your applications across editions when your needs change. This J2EE compliant platform is robust enough to handle the most demanding Web applications.

WebSphere Portal

WebSphere Portal is an affordable, out-of-the-box portal solution that will give users single signon, personalized access to information and applications. It's based on the proven, scalable, and secure WebSphere Portal infrastructure and open standards, displaying customized portals to any device connected to the network. Portals unify normally scattered applications into one relevant and homogeneous environment. Users can find, communicate, and work with others, using advanced instant messaging and collaboration functions to bring "in-office" interaction to all employees, contractors, customers, and partners, no matter where they are.

WebSphere Community Edition

Are you using Apache Tomcat but need to do more? WebSphere CE is a free version of WebSphere, based on Apache Geronimo and IBM's aquisition of GlueCode technology. It includes Web Services (Apache AXIS), the Derby database engine, integrated security, Java messaging, and more. For download options, please click here.


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