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Why Prominic.NET

As to the best reasons for choosing Prominic, we think that talking to us for a free needs evaluation will prove to you more about our expertise, attention to detail, work ethic and-- if you're going to be having to call to someone late at night when there's a problem it counts, no?-- friendliness than we could modestly say. We work hard to treat people as people, not as tickets, and to take all IT problems seriously.

But of course the friendliest service in the world has to be backed by it matching up in a wide variety of other ways, as well. And we feel confident in how we match up in those categories, as well.


  • All customer data behind managed, ICSA-certified firewalls—No Exceptions
  • Data Centers secured by keycard and 24/7 surveillance
  • Virus and spam protection options


  • RAID 1 Triple Mirroring data protection
  • Gas generator-backed power
  • Uninterrupted power to all equipment
  • Fully redundant network infrastructure and Internet connectivity
  • 24/7/365 Critical operations monitoring and automated system recovery
  • Multi-Data Center failover and clustering options


  • No hardware to buy, install, maintain and upgrade…
  • …Or supply Your own and co-locate it
  • 24/7 Secure administrator (RDP, SSH, FTP) access
  • Server and application load balancing options


  • Solution sizes for one user or one thousand
  • Easy migration paths for growing companies


  • Certified IBM Advanced System Administrators
  • IBM Business Partner
  • Microsoft Hosting Partner


  • Primary facility housed in the former Chanute Air Force Base data center
  • Secondary facility in Top 10 "Cities for Data Centers"–Information Week
  • Additional data center locations being introduced regularly
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