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Apple Xserve

Apple Xserve is a high performance, award-winning UNIX based server that is expandable, scalable and has twice the power of past Xserve’s. Xserve is an Apple workhorse that is built for heavy loads and has the ability to run MAC, Windows, UNIX and Linux applications. Add to that, Xserve’s unrivaled stability and performance, not to mention its low profile for virus targeting, and you’ve got one of the most appealing and capable servers on the market for near any hosting need.

Mac OS X Leopard Server comes loaded on all new machines, allowing you to share your network, calendars, and information, across multiplatform workgroups of any size. With no client- access licenses, and no subscription or update fees, the Xserve saves you money right out of the box.

Prominic will provide affordable, reliable and highly secure hosting and management services for any standard or custom build Xserve. View our colocation features and services page for more information, request a quote below or contact our knowledgeable staff to discuss customized solutions.

Apple Xserve – Tools

Xserve Server Assistant Server Assistant walks you through the setup and configuration of key applications, networking settings and user accounts. After setup use Server Preferences to manage file sharing, instant messaging, calendars, wiki’s, blogs, mail and VPN-remote access and Time Machine backups. You can also add users and groups, control access levels and stop/start individual services. Server Status Dashboard provides at-a-glance information on the status of services, disk space and CPU usage, and runs a built in network health check to verify settings and connectivity.

Xserve Spotlight Server The fastest way to search and find content on servers, Spotlight Server is designed for workgroups with shared documents, projects, and file archives. Search content stored across the whole network, without even opening the files. Content indexing occurs on the server-automatically and transparently-so searches are always up to the moment accurate. Working with file access controls in Mac OS X Server so users see only those search results they have permission to see. If a person does not have access to a file, it will not appear in their results, protecting confidential information from unauthorized viewing.

Directory Application The new Directory application gives everyone in your organization the ability find people, groups, locations, and resources. Directory allows users to manage their personal content and share it with others.

File Sharing Each new group gets a shared folder on the server and a drop box. Whether on Mac or PC all group members can read and write to files in the shared folder, just as if they were using their own hard drive.

Apple Xserve – Server Applications

Podcast Producer Podcast Producer is a complete production solution, enabling users to capture audio, video, and onscreen actions. Podcast producer automatically optimizes and publishes in formats ready for almost any device including cell phones.

Wiki Server Create collaborative web pages complete with group calendar, blog, and mailing list archive.

iCal Server A complete calendaring platform that makes sharing calendars, coordinating events, scheduling meetings easy for individuals and groups. iCal Server integrates with popular calendar programs without requiring client access licenses.

iChat Server brings secure Instant Messaging collaboration to your office. Integrate iChat with your directory service for authentication, and iChat ensures the identity of that person. All text messages and file transfers are encrypted so workgroups can transfer files securely. iChat allows users to share a chat room, have an audio conference, or broadcast a movie, slideshow or presentation to other iChat users.

Apple Xserve – Server Integration

Mail Services with iPhone compatibility A state of the art mail client with templates, notes and to-do lists. Leopard automatically assigns new users an email address. With Mail Services you can keep your email in-house, using your own domain and all email traffic is securely encrypted. Mail filters have customizable aggression settings for junk mail and virus protection. Compatible with most mail clients on Mac and Windows as well as with Apple iPhone.

Networking and VPN Customizable networking and encrypted VPN connections for Mac and Windows systems, and even Apple’s iPhone. An adaptable built-in firewall makes it easy to protect files, emails, wikis, and blogs.

Time Machine Backups Time Machine can automatically back up previous versions of the server to another hard drive on the network. Users can go back in time to restore their systems to a previous time in the past, making it easy for users to recover their data and undo their mistakes.


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