IBM Announces Domino 10 in 2018

IBM Announces Domino 10 in 2018

IBM has announced today its commitment to the future of Notes Domino through a signed strategic partnership with HCL Technologies. The partnership aims to foster future development of the Domino product family that protects customers’ investment in the platform.

First and foremost, a new version 10 of IBM Notes Domino is now slotted to be released in 2018, backed by IBM’s announced investment in energizing the continued future development of the technology.

As part of laying out the roadmap for the future of Domino development, IBM and HCL announced Domino 2025 Jam to get the Notes Domino community actively involved in shaping the future of the platform.  Through several community events, IBM aims “to help increase client and lab advocacy and serve as a way for groups to provide feedback on feature updates and the future direction of the Domino product family.”

In basic terms, there is no longer an end date in sight for the IBM Notes Domino product family. 

And that is fantastic news.


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