Engage 2018: All GDPR sessions

Engage 2018: All GDPR sessions

May 25th is coming, and if you still don’t have a firm grasp on GDPR you might be feeling some panic start to set in. Both IBM Think and Social Connections 13 had GDPR sessions. If you missed them you are still in luck because Engage 2018  covers the topic as well.

Here are the GDPR sessions:


GDPR: Three days to go: What you all need to know and what needs to be done



LOCATION: D. Sun Room DATE: Tuesday, May 22 TIME: 13:30 – 14:30

The European General Data Protection Law (also known as EU-DSGVO) becomes effective as of May 25 and is of VITAL importance.
In the easiest sense it’s important as it involves fines of up to 2 million Euros or 4% of worldwide turnover (whatever scares you more). Fines not only come into play upon actual data loss, but already if data *could* get lost and for a variety of other reasons.

This session covers the most important GDPR topics, both for companies in the European Union and for companies doing business with European companies or citizens.
We will also be looking at whether it makes a difference if you are a one person shop or multinational business.

Florian Vogler , panagenda



GDPR – So Many Countries, So Many Fines



LOCATION: Table 2 Honolulu DATE: Tuesday, May 22 TIME: 16:00 – 16:45

The real deal… As GDPR will be enforced by each individual country within the EU, what happens to a company that has complaints registered against it in multiple countries? Multiple fines? Does this further encourage a single version of your company’s privacy rules?
Obviously, some countries will be more vigilant in enforcement and assessing fines. Should the more restrictive German rules of GDPR be applied across a company’s enterprise and applied to all geographies?

Laura Eisenhardt , iKnow Solutions Europe


There are only 5 seats left available as of today, with one week to go to the start of the conference. If you hurry up, you can still snag your HERE.

To help you make the most of the event, check out our handy related sessions lists on:

Our president, Jon Schultz, will be in attendance at the event, so feel free to flag him down to say hello.


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