Engage 2018:  All IBM Connections Sessions

Engage 2018: All IBM Connections Sessions

Engage 2018 conference is kicking off next week in Rotterdam with over 70 sessions and special programming to boot. If you are hoping to catch some sessions related to IBM Connections, we made a chronological list for you to help you manage your schedule at the event.

IBM Connections REST-API Klompendans



LOCATION: E. Sky Room DATE: Tuesday, May 22 TIME: 11:45 – 12:30

Leverage the full potential of IBM Connections by integrating the product into your existing environment. This can be achieved either inside-out or outside-in by taking advantage of the REST-API capabilities of IBM Connections. While this sounds easy in the first place the API has many pitfalls and lacks good documentation. This session covers how to start with the REST-API and what the difference is between OpenSocial and standard calls. I will also point out some major pitfalls and provide Tips & Tricks and best practices and all of that based on live coding examples!
At the end of the session I will provide an overview of what will change and what to do with current APIs with Connections Pink.

Henning Schmidt , hedersoft GmbH



Get Up To Speed With IBM Connections Customizer



LOCATION: D. Sun Room DATE: Wednesday, May 23 TIME: 13:30 – 14:30

IBM Connections Customizer is a new service available as a GA offering both on cloud and on-premises to personalize your Connections environment. In this session we explain what Customizer is, how it works and what problems it can solve for your organization. We will demonstrate the very latest Customizer features, examine several sample apps and explore the art-of-the-possible with cool new extensions coming from OpenCode4Connections.org. This is your opportunity to learn about the latest Connections app dev technology that many customers are rapidly adopting.

Martin Donnelly , IBM



How to Customize, Extend & Enhance IBM Connections Today!



LOCATION: A. Theater Room DATE: Wednesday, May 23 TIME: 16:00 – 16:45

IBM Connections offers many options when it comes to customizing the user interface, extending existing behaviours, or even adding entirely new capabilities. You can install 3rd party applications via the Application Catalog, develop your own extensions using App Registry, or develop totally bespoke apps using Connections Grid. This session weaves a thread through all these options to show how the sum of the parts adds up to a powerful app dev story for IBM Connections. Come see how to make the most of it.

Brian Gleeson , IBM


There are only 5 seats left available as of today, with one week to go to the start of the conference. If you hurry up, you can still snag your HERE.

Our president, Jon Schultz, will be in attendance at the event, so feel free to flag him down to say hello.

To help you make the most of the event, check out our handy related sessions lists on:

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