Engage 2018: Verse sessions

Engage 2018: Verse sessions

If you have a particular interest in IBM Verse and are planning on attending the Engage 2018 conference in Rotterdam next week, we’ve put together a list of all the sessions on Verse.


30 tips about IBM Verse



LOCATION: B. Guadaloupe DATE: Tuesday, May 22 TIME: 13:30 – 14:30

You’ve heard all about IBM Verse. Maybe you’ve already gotten used to use this web based email service from IBM. But are you really getting your money’s worth out of the power of IBM Verse? There’s a lot more to IBM Verse than meets the eye. Hogne will use his long experience gained by teaching users effective use of email and calendar and show you how you can really unlock the power and secrets of IBM Verse.

Hogne Bø Pettersen , Brainworker

IBM Verse on Premises 10 Deep Dive



LOCATION: B. Guadaloupe DATE: Tuesday, May 22 TIME: 17:00 – 17:45

IBM has revolutionized the enterprise inbox from the ground up for today’s social and mobile workplace. Check out this session for the latest updates and future plans for Verse on Premises V10, including advances in offline, security, calendaring and customization.

You’ll also learn how your organization can position itself for driving massive improvements in end-user satisfaction and engagement with IBM’s amazingly powerful and easy-to-use inbox!
This is the can’t-miss Verse on Premises V10 session!

Barry Rosen , HCL Technologies
Drew Birnbaum , IBM



Best practises for deploying Verse on Premise (VoP)



LOCATION: B. Guadaloupe DATE: Wednesday, May 23 TIME: 08:00 – 08:45

IBM’s local edition of Verse for email is hitting many enterprises. If you have not yet tried this out for yourself, then come and find out just how easy it is.
Learn the tips and tricks that go into a successful deployment with a hands-on demo of the places to look out for and the finished product.
We’ll also show the integrations with Connections Files, Profiles and Box.

Tim Clark , BCC Ltd
Sharon James , BCC Ltd


There are only 5 seats left available as of today, with one week to go to the start of the conference. If you hurry up, you can still snag your HERE.

Our president, Jon Schultz, will be in attendance at the event, so feel free to flag him down to say hello.

To help you make the most of the event, check out our handy related sessions lists on:

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