CollabSphere 2018 – Collaboration sessions

CollabSphere 2018 – Collaboration sessions

CollabSphere 2018 conference is just around the corner and there are a bunch of sessions for you to choose from. If you are hoping to catch some sessions related to Collaboration, we made a list for you to help you manage your schedule at the event.


The History of Notes/Domino and the Events that Shaped us



LOCATION: Grande III DATE: Monday, July 23rd TIME: 01:00 PM – 01:45 PM

With Domino 10 just around the corner – and the promise of new releases planned through 2025 and beyond, it’s time take a walk down memory lane and look at the rich history of the Notes/Domino family. We will start with the origins of the product, and work our way forward through all the major release, Lotusphere, and all the other many cool and innovative things that that have been going on around us over the past 29 years. We might even have a few sneak peeks at what is to yet come! Please bring (or wear) your own favorite piece of Lotus memorabilia, as a prize will be awarded for the best of show!

Viktor Krantz , Red Pill Now


Driving Faster Resolution of Business Problems using IBM Watson Workspace



LOCATION: Grande II DATE: Monday, July 23rd TIME: 04:00 PM – 04:45 PM

IBM Watson Workspace is the new intelligent way for teams to engage and get business results fast. Come and see how the latest capabilities including Watson AI capabilities, video meetings and new custom templates API’s can help you and your teams create spaces specifically targeted to support the resolution of business issues collaboratively. We will also preview the roadmap for Watson Workspace, including integration with IBM collaboration and other products.

Kirti Gani , IBM


Watson Workspace vs. the Competition: No Slacking off in how Teams Collaborate



LOCATION: Grande III DATE: Tuesday, July 24th TIME: 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM

Watson Workspace is IBM’s Workstream Collaboration offering, providing a different way for organizations to work productively. IBM is not alone in this vision, with other prominent vendors offering solutions, including Slack and Microsoft Teams. Come learn where the vendors actually excel in their offerings based on actual customer usage. As these solutions continue to mature, the uses are expanding and understanding where these tools have unique benefit is increasingly important. This presentation will be offered with both an IBM viewpoint and an independent viewpoint.

Daniel Lieber , Innovative Ideas Unlimited, Inc.


Automated Tagging with #AI, The #LowCode Node-RED Way



LOCATION: Petit II DATE: Tuesday, July 24th TIME: 01:00 PM – 01:45 PM

Enterprise cloud content platforms—like Box—allow employees to collaborate and easily share documents. As the amount of data grows from gigabytes to terabytes or more, a business must answer the question of scaling. What’s the best way to organize the content? How can employees find the files they’re looking for? Using tags, keywords, or labels can solve the problem—but not without creating overhead.

Puzzling over which tags to manually apply to a document is a dreary task indeed! There’s a better way: automatically tag files in real-time using AI. Using the low-code development platform of Node-RED, I’ll show you how to connect the Box API with the Watson Natural Language Understanding service. We’ll avoid the fuss of manual tagging, and create a folk-less folksonomy from our files.

Christopher Hiller , IBM


Know your competition: contrasting IBM and Microsoft collaboration offerings



LOCATION: Grande III DATE: Tuesday, July 24th TIME: 04:00 PM – 04:45 PM

Considering going hybrid or cloud? The different options available for collaboration and email strategies make it more challenging than ever to evaluate and commit. In this session, we’ll discuss the key differences between IBM’s and Microsoft’s collaboration portfolios, with a focus on email, instant messaging, and collaboration/application technologies for each platform.

Because we both come from the IBM world, but have built up significant expertise in Microsoft’s product portfolio, we’ll both talk in Domino terms to make it easier to understand what Microsoft has to offer, and where it exceeds of falls short of Domino. You’ll come away with knowledge of Office365’s Exchange and SharePoint online, as well as its instant messaging capabilities—a strong asset if you’re tasked with evaluating other platforms, if you’re looking to better understand the competition, or if you’re in the process of migrating.

Benedek Menesi , Ytria


New from Watson Work: Make Resolution Rooms Work For You!



LOCATION: Petit II DATE: Wednesday, July 25th TIME: 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM

Watson Workspace provides an intuitive interface to connect and collaborate with your work groups. It has the ability to easily connect third-party apps to let you work more seamlessly with these everyday tools. But you already know that! You may also know that the Workspace team has released an innovative new framework which brings together people and applications so that they work together even better.

Imagine a workspace which understands incident information from ITSM solutions like ServiceNow, automatically adds and configures the applications you need to resolve the incident, and adds the right people to the space as well. And best of all, the space can be saved as a template to be reused as needed. In this session, you’ll hear what the Workspace team is doing to allow you to create and share these reusable templates, and you’ll see working code showing a resolution room in action, integrated with ServiceNow.

Darren Cacy , IBM

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