IBM VERSE Tips and Tricks

If you use IBM Verse you know what a great productivity platform it is. If you have not tried it, or if you are already a user, here are some useful tips on how to increase your efficiency and make the most out of the IBM Verse.


Turn an email into an action


Turning an email into an action helps you keep your day better organized. Here is the magic button that gets things done:


Next, select the due date, add some notes and you are good to go. This way, when you get an e-mail that needs some extra attention later, you can make sure you have things neatly organized, and that things don’t slip through the cracks later.

Your notes, and the action icon, will show up in your mail list:


When you’ve finished with it, just press this icon to mark the action as done.



Keep all the emails that need a reply together


If you receive tons of emails everyday, you might find it difficult to make sure you have replied to everybody. Distractions are everywhere, so a bit of help might come in handy. Here is how you can list all the emails that need a reply:



Keep all the important people close

Make sure the people you work closely are just a click away:


If the list Verse comes up with is not exactly what you want, or if you want somebody added there, just click on this little icon and add somebody there:



Organize your emails


One other thing people use a lot when trying to stay organized, are folders. If you use them, then the search is one tool that comes in handy. Also, being able to just drag and drop stuff around in the email window, might be useful.

You can, for instance, use drag and drop to move people between To, Cc or Bcc:


Search for an email address or contact in the search field:



    Click on the left arrow to switch between:

  • Emails from the chosen contact
  • Emails sent to the chosen contact
  • Or both



Searching: Logical searches


The fact that you can use this type of search can make things a lot easier when you need that one e-mail in a thousand. So, here are the logical operands that you can use:













Now, you have to admit that is one useful feature.


Schedule a meeting without having to switch to calendar


One other thing that you might find useful is the ability of scheduling a meeting through the email window. Just a click and you are good to go.


Not having to access the Calendar every time you want to schedule a meeting, especially if it’s with somebody with whom you exchange a lot of e-mails is just another small but really nice thing that helps making your life easier.

Adding a new event is also made easier by using the plus sign in the lower right corner:

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