Engage 2019: Domino sessions

Engage 2019: Domino sessions

Engage 2019 conference will be upon us really soon, so it comes, as it usually does, with a great lineup of Domino sessions. To help you make up your mind which sessions would be best to attend, here is a list of them.

Admin and Deployment

The ICS on Linux Round Table


LOCATION: R1. Media Room DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 11:30 – 12:30

The Linux round table returns with an outstanding panel. Engage Bill Malchisky, Daniel Nashed, HCL’s Barry Rosen, plus IBM’s Drew Birnbaum and Thomas Hampel as they discuss the current Notes/Domino Linux strategy in an interactive round table setting. They absolutely will cover Domino V10, V11, and Domino on Docker. If you are new to Linux/CentOS, a pro, or just curious, bring your questions and be part of the conversation all while hearing the latest information from within the IBM Community.
We welcome you to provide feedback to HCL and IBM about their current Linux strategy too. Join us!


Bill Malchisky , Effective Software Solutions
Daniel Nashed , Nash!Com
Barry Rosen , HCL Technologies
Drew Birnbaum , IBM
Thomas Hampel , IBM

15 New Domino Admin Features Sure to Spark a Lasting Love Affair with Domino 10 and 11


LOCATION: D. Minerva DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 16:00 – 16:45

Domino 10 shipped jam-packed with new features that will make administrators’ lives a breeze. In this talk, we’ll share everything we know and love about our 15 new favorites—from the long-awaited NSF size limit boost, to brand-new gems like Domino General Query Facility (DGQF), deletion logging and more. You’ll learn how to get the most out of all of them, proven through practical customer examples. You’ll walk away from this fast-paced, in-depth session with a solid understanding of the new way to administer Domino 10, as well as a hands-on guide to properly put these great features to use!


Christoph Adler , panagenda
Ben Menesi , Ytria

DQL & Domino AppDev 1.0.1


LOCATION: C. Classic Lounge DATE: Tuesday, May 14 TIME: 16:00 – 16:45

Latest update on DQL, IAM and OAuth demoed by the developers who build it.


Dan Dumont , HCL
Andrew Davis , HCL

Domino and SSO – New ways for secure collaboration


LOCATION: R1. Media Room DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 14:45 – 15:30

Domino has it’s own SSO infrastructure and supports SAML based identity providers. More patterns are emerging and needed to allow for secure and seamless SSO discussion. Let’s gather together and get requirements for what could be an OpenNTF initiative.


Daniele Vistalli , Factor-y S.r.l.

60 Admin Tips In 60 Minutes


LOCATION: B. Mezzanine Left DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 09:00 – 10:00

In this high speed session I’ll take you through the best admin tips for Domino, Notes, Verse on Premises, Sametime, Traveler and more. From notes.ini values, to server configuration settings and valuable customisations.
Some tips will be new to v10 and some have been around but rarely used for years.
Whatever your experience there will be something new for you to take away and enjoy.


Gabriella Davis , The Turtle Partnership

Face/Off Domino vs Exchange On Premises


LOCATION: B. Mezzanine Left DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 08:00 – 08:45

How do Exchange on-premises and the various Outlook clients line up against Domino on premises and its clients? In this session, we’ll look at the configuration options and management interfaces for each server as well as the client options and client behaviors. We’ll also discuss the general ecosystems, considerations for migrating or co-existing and lessons learned. A great session for Domino admins who want to know more about the other side.


Gabriella Davis , The Turtle Partnership

How to make Domino and Office 365 your Dream Team


LOCATION: C. Classic Lounge DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 14:45 – 15:30

Many companies are working with Office 365 in some way, Mail may have been migrated, Teams may be in use and other products in the office 365 suite. The IBM Collaboration suite can work hand in hand with Office 365, but how do you achieve this?
User- and access management of multi-platforms has always been a huge challenge for companies. Cloud-based systems are adding another level of complexity on top of it. Challenges will also include system integration, mail coexistence from Domino applications to Outlook mail and last but not least rightsizing licensing.
In this session, we will explore some of the possibilities to work collaboratively between the ICS portfolio and Office 365 and to resolve some of these challenges.
There is no dark side – it is all about collaborating with the best solutions and apps available.


Sharon James , BCC
Olaf Boerner , BCC

Creating Mobile Solutions with Domino Mobile Apps


LOCATION: B. Mezzanine Left DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 14:45 – 15:30

Your IBM Domino apps have run business-critical processes for decades. Now you can give your business users and “road warriors” access to this power—wherever and whenever they are working. Your apps can now run on Apple iPad, online and offline, without modification. Join this session to learn best practices for getting the most out of this latest innovation in the Domino portfolio.


Thomas Hampel, IBM
Barry Rosen, HCL

Domino on Docker Bootcamp


LOCATION: B. Mezzanine Left DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 13:30 – 14:30

Docker containerization in Domino V10 has become a powerful tool in the administrator arsenal. Join this session to learn the best practices for bringing Docker into your datacenter or hybrid cloud deployment.


Thomas Hampel, IBM
Daniel Nashed , Nash!Com

Domino Server Health – Monitoring and Managing


LOCATION: B. Mezzanine Left DATE: Tuesday, May 14 TIME: 13:30 – 14:30

If you’re a Domino administrator how do you decide what to monitor on your servers and how to manage them? What are the key things to monitor? How do good practice management tools such as statistics reporting, DDM, cluster symmetry, database repair, and policy settings make your work lighter and faster. Finally, we’ll talk about some of the “must dos” in the day, week and month of a Domino admin.


Gabriella Davis , The Turtle Partnership


Domino Demos – Show ‘n Tell. The -“Behind the Cameras” experience


LOCATION: D. Minerva DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 08:00 – 08:45

Have you watched the latest Domino demos delivered during the v10 launch or at Think 2019? Interested in learning how to develop and deliver these demos? Join this Show ‘n Tell session to understand the architecture, code and security behind as well as some tips and tricks when delivering world-class experiences.


Luis Guirigay , IBM

What is Cool with Domino V10, Proton and Node.js, and why would I use it in my Domino Apps Anyway?


LOCATION: D. Minerva Right DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 11:30 – 12:30

In this development-oriented session, we will present an overview of the possibilities of extending your Domino dev environment to use Node.js and modern front end frameworks like React. What is it that makes these new tools so appealing? What do they give me that I didn’t have before? We will show you how to get started and how to make it all work with your Notes client apps. Using a simple questionnaire demo app we will show you how you can teach that legacy Domino dinosaur some cool new tricks. You will leave with the demo app and the source code to be productive in Domino V10 right away.


Graham Acres , Brytek Systems Inc.
Heiko Voigt , Harbour Light Software

Java With Domino After XPages


LOCATION: E. Mahy Right DATE: Tuesday, May 14 TIME: 16:00 – 16:45

XPages guided Domino web development out of a world of archaic proprietary hacks and into the realm of Java server development and something approximating Java EE. Now that the XPages framework is moribund, the question is: what’s next? If you’ve built up Java skills over the years, you have a direct path to use them in the new modern world, whether via OSGi plugins and new XPages extensions on Domino or standalone Java web projects. This session will discuss the lessons we learned from XPages, how they correspond to newer technologies, and how to bring your existing apps and plugins forward.


Jesse Gallagher , I Know Some Guys, LLC

Comparing searches: DQL vs FT Seartch vs Formula Search


LOCATION: C. Classic Lounge DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 16:00 – 16:45

In this session, the different query options within Notes will be explained in more detail (DQL, FT-search, Regular Search).
A short comparison will also be given between the different query options within Notes including among others the advantages and disadvantages and speed.
Extensive consideration will also be given, in relation to the new DQL (Domino Query Language) in Domino 10, to an alternative setup for easily creating understandable query definitions using the power of LotusScript.
Find essential information quickly and easily by using the power of LotusScript or by using the other query options in Notes.
The choice is yours!


Johnny Oldenburger , Kranendonk Smart Robotics

The NERD stuff: opening Domino to the modern web developer


LOCATION: E. Mahy DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 14:45 – 15:30

With web development in Node.js getting more and more popular, IBM opened the Domino server to the JavaScript stack. It’s never too late to attract people outside the yellow bubble and to encourage Notes developers to learn new stuff. The session covers the general idea of using the full NERD stack (Node, Express, React and Domino), the components used in IBM Domino, security strategies and of course a lot of (live) coding that shows, how easy it is to open up a new world. Domino is a great database environment and now you can even use it with the sexy stuff all the young and fancy people use for years. We are here to prove that even the “traditional” Notes guys can make it!


Oliver Busse , We4IT
Jan Krejcarek , PPF banka a.s.

Modernizing Your Domino and XPages Applications


LOCATION: D. Minerva DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 09:00 – 10:00

Application modernization isn’t necessarily about changing the technology, using a new theme or a new colour scheme. It’s about user experience. Join us as we look at some examples of how Domino applications can be modernized, breaking out of historical Notes paradigms and conventions.


Paul Withers , Intec Systems Ltd

Your Data in the Major Leagues: A Practical and Updated Guide to RESTful Domino v10


LOCATION: E. Mahy DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 13:30 – 14:30

Things are moving fast with many new tools and toys in our hands. While Domino v10 creates a whole new world of possibilities, we still need to interact with other internal and external applications. One of the key technologies to do that is the RESTful services and we have an updated toolbox now. Regardless of your experience, come to this session to see what options are available to you, what pitfalls you may experience and how to break down the borders between your applications and others. We will present the basic concepts and best practices, allowing you to walk away with the techniques that you will need to take your applications to the next level. Last but not the least, we will show you practical examples on how you provide RESTful services for other applications and how you can use REST data to enrich your applications using the the new capabilities.


Serdar Basegmez , Developi Information Systems
Tom Van Aken , GroupWave

Developer Tools for the Next Decade


LOCATION: R1. Media Room DATE: Tuesday, May 14 TIME: 11:45 – 12:30

OpenNTF contributors have developed a number of great tools to help developers such as OpenNTF Domino API, XPages SDK, OpenLog and many others. We are now at the door to a new age. We know the landscape is changing, not only for Domino developers but for Admins, Connections, Sametime and more, leading to the need for new tools and project approaches. Come to this roundtable and share your input on what those future tools and modernized processes will be.


Serdar Basegmez , Developi Information Systems
Paul Withers , Intec Systems Ltd

The right time to learn a Javascript Frontend Framework like vue.js is NOW – Quickstart for Domino Developer


LOCATION: E. Mahy DATE: Tuesday, May 14 TIME: 17:00 – 17:45

With Domino 10 and especially with the possibilities of an integrated Nods.js server, it is time to take a closer look at frontend development. Three heavily used frameworks are available and I will concentrate on one of them: Vue.JS!
Why: Getting started is very easy, reduces the effort and this with a steep learning curve! Many developers shy away from the many new topics that come along with a change like this: SPA, NPM, REST, Webpack etc.
In this session, I’ll show my evolution from being a Domino developer to become a Vue developer. I will explain how Vue.js works, introduce helpful tools for the development and, give practical tips and create a setup with which the development can be started directly.


Thilo Volprich , Team Technology

Puzzle solved – or how to use an AI-annotated photo to initiate a workflow in Domino anywhere you are


LOCATION: C. Classic Lounge DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 08:00 – 08:45

Mighty tools we got from IBM and HCL, and even more are out there, freely available for us, to get, combine and reach goals, nobody even thought of some years ago.
But how can we utilize them, bring them together, and exploit them to get more than the sum of the parts?
See live how a photo shot in an app on a smartphone flows through Node-RED, gets analyzed and annotated by IBM Watson Visual Recognition, and using node-red-contrib-dominodb is stored in a Domino V10 database to initiate a workflow.
Come to this session to experience a great example to learn, to understand and get inspired


Thomas Bahn , assono GmbH

How to use the new Domino Query Language


LOCATION: B. Mezzanine Left DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 11:30 – 12:30

In this session, Tim Davis takes you through the new Domino Query Language (DQL), how it works, and how to use it in LotusScript, in Java, and in the new domino-db Node.js module. Introduced in Domino 10, DQL provides a simple, efficient and powerful search facility for accessing Domino documents. Originally only used in the domino-db Node.js module, with 10.0.1 DQL also became available to both LotusScript and Java. This presentation will provide code examples in all three languages, ensuring you will come away with a good understanding of DQL and how to use it in your projects.


Tim Davis , The Turtle Partnership

Emerging Technology

Web Components: build your own HTML tags like


LOCATION: E. Mahy DATE: Tuesday, May 14 TIME: 13:30 – 14:30

Think of a custom HTML element . It shows a domino view as a data table where you can scroll through all rows, sort data by columns and select a certain document. You can use it wherever you like on your pages, just like any regular HTML element.
This is possible today with Web Components technology. Let’s explore how to create a custom HTML element.
What are the challenges, the pros and cons?


Knut Herrmann , Leonso GmbH

Use Alexa and Domino to Create a Fast and Efficient Personal Assistant


LOCATION: A. Mezzanine Right DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 14:45 – 15:30

IBM Domino 10 provides a whole new world of possibilities in terms of integration with other systems and platforms, inside and outside the firewall, and even with IoT using personal assistants like Amazon Alexa. Join this session and learn how you can take your Domino apps to the next level by providing functionality like no one has ever done before and allow your users and customers to interact with your applications via voice and touchscreen IoT devices. Domino 10, Node.js, DQL, Siri, Google, Alexa are just some examples of technologies to be discussed during this session.


Luis Guirigay , IBM
Stefano Pogliani , IBM

Introduction to Node-RED


LOCATION: D. Minerva DATE: Tuesday, May 14 TIME: 17:00 – 17:45

Why learn new SDKs for integration when with drag-and-drop and a little JavaScript you can integrate your Domino applications with a host of other technologies and platforms? That’s the power of the open source product Node-RED and its modules for IBM Connections and Domino. With some killer demos, we’ll quickly sell the ‘why’. But what about questions like ‘where’, ‘how’ and ‘can it be secure in a Domino way’? We’ll show how to install Node-RED in different ways and look at flow to process data from an external REST-source to update documents in Domino. Whether you’ve never used Node-RED or just used it a bit, this session will give you the knowledge to be ready to go into production.


Paul Withers , Intec Systems
Fredrik Malmborg , PSK Syd AB

How to get my app on mobile?


LOCATION: E. Mahy DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 08:00 – 08:45

You have this cool idea for a new app, which everyone will love. But what is the best way to get it on mobile. Between the obvious choices of having a web app and native development on iOS and Android are some interesting options to discover. In this session, we have a look at “PWA – Progressive Web Apps” and hybrid development using the “Ionic Framework”. We take a web app built in Angular and make it a progressive web app. Then we take the same app and make an iOS app using Ionic. Join us for an interesting discussion about the pros and cons and which one has the best cost-benefit ratio.


Bernd Hort , assono GmbH


How Domino helps keep Norwegian roads safe


LOCATION: D. Minerva DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 08:00 – 08:45

Have you ever seen a Domino-based system that combines traditional Notes applications with GPS measuring devices, Electron apps, JSON, Xpages and Java-servers to keep roads safe? You will now! This session will show you a system that takes care of the entire workflow from the sales pitch to the invoice. You will learn how the Norwegian company Arvid Gjerde AS use decades-old Notes applications, seamlessly with top modern technologies and third-party platforms to map GPS coordinates for crash barriers along Norwegian roads. In addition, they log man hours, create quality reports and service requests, automatically export GPS coordinates to Norwegian road authorities and generate invoices with Visma. This session will be inspirational for managers and developers alike.


Hogne Bø Pettersen , iSi

Don’t Touch That Domino App Yet..!! The Domino Modernisation Story – Part 2 – The Consultant’s Perspective


LOCATION: D. Minerva DATE: Tuesday, May 14 TIME: 16:00 – 16:45

Following on from last year’s Engage presentation on the “What About The Apps – A Domino App Modernisation Story” Jared will present Part 2 – a consultant’s perspective… from strategy and architecture, analysis and technical planning for Domino application modernization. This session will focus on what you should do to analyze, plan and prepare – to execute a cost-effective and timely app modernization project… before your developers touch any of the apps themselves!!


Jared Roberts, ISW

302% ROI in 3 years: Case Study from the Forrester TEI of Domino Applications


LOCATION: A. Mezzanine Right DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 13:30 – 14:30

Join us to learn about the recently published Forrester Research “The Total Economic Impact Of IBM Domino” – understanding the dramatic productivity derived from developing mission-critical apps on Domino. Hear straight from Georg Schaller, how A1 Telekom in Austria benefits from running their business on Domino.


Georg Schaller, A1
Uffe Sorensen, HCL


The Domino Portfolio: The Beat Goes on, and It Goes to 11


LOCATION: A. Mezzanine Right DATE: Tuesday, May 14 TIME: 11:45 – 12:30

In the era of digital transformation, empowering a workforce to re-engineer their processes into more responsive, measurable and effective business outcomes is essential. This session will reveal the results from our crowdsourced V11 #dominoforever jams, and what that could mean to developers, programmers and business users of Domino, Notes and Verse. We’ll provide an update on the Sametime V10 roadmap and some of the great IBM Champion, customer and business partner examples of putting the Domino V10 platform to work. Lastly, join us for the Hands-On Labs and Think Tanks where you can get your questions answered and understand the new value in the Domino portfolio from product management, services and development experts of IBM and HCL.


Andrew Manby, IBM
Richard Jefts, HCL

Linux, ‘Docker’ and Kubernetes – changing the perspective


LOCATION: D. Minerva Right DATE: Tuesday, May 14 TIME: 11:45 – 12:30

This session will provide an overview of recent technology innovations in the Linux space, including obviously ‘Docker’ and Kubernetes. With Christian having changed the perspective from an OS consumer to an OS provider, he will explain key technologies that are becoming more and more relevant in the Collaboration space and the market overall. Data centers and Cloud deployments adopt Linux on a broad basis, even Microsoft is embracing the Linux OS as part of Azure. The intent of the session is to shed some light on the technical background and architectures involved and share experiences from customer deployments.


Christian Holsing, SUSE Linux

Nomad / IDMA Roadmap


LOCATION: A. Mezzanine Right DATE: Tuesday, May 14 TIME: 13:30 – 14:30

See Nomad on iPad, Android, ChromeOS and a surprise new platform.


Maxx Sutton, HCL
Andrew Davis, HCL
Thomas Hampel, IBM

Notes 11


LOCATION: A. Mezzanine Right DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 09:00 – 10:00

Demo of the latest Notes 11 UX improvements and a preview of new app templates.


Ram Krishnamurthy, IBM
Andrew Davis, HCL
Drew Birnbaum, IBM

Domino 11 – What’s coming


LOCATION: A. Mezzanine Right DATE: Tuesday, May 14 TIME: 17:00 – 17:45

Domino 11 will continue the momentum of Domino 10 by providing a wide range of new features, integrations and cost savings. We will be showing what we are building and show a series of demos of those features and want to get your comments, questions, and suggestions to make Domino 11 the best it can be.


Russell Holden, HCL



Engage is the annual conference dedicated to all IBM Collaboration Solutions and Analytics organized by the Engage User Group. 

This year’s conference aims to improve the interaction between users of Collaboration Software, and facilitate the dialog between users and IBM & HCL and their vendors/partners.

This premier 2 day event is packed with 85 sessions presented by over 87 speakers, as well as round tables with IBM-HCL, workshops, social programming and special presentations.
Last year’s conference was full to capacity, so don’t wait, register to attend today! Prominic has been a proud sponsor of the conference over the years, and 2019 is no exception. Our president Jon Schultz will also be in attendance, so feel free to say hi if you run into him.

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