Engage 2019:  IBM Connections Sessions

Engage 2019: IBM Connections Sessions

Engage 2019 kicks off in Brussels, Belgium in just a few short weeks bringing a great lineup of IBM Connections education.

Here are all the sessions that focused on Connections.

#LetsConnect – We’re listening, and here’s what you’re telling us


LOCATION: A. Mezzanine Right DATE: Tuesday, May 14 TIME: 16:00 – 16:45

After a month of #LetsConnect design thinking workshops, the Connections OM, Dev, and Design team will share what customers & partners from around the world are already telling us. Trends we’re spotting, and a chance for you to validate, debate, raise additional questions. Here we’ll share results, what’s next on our journey together, and how you can continue to help craft our bright future together.

Danielle Baptiste, IBM


IBM Connections: The Future is Bright


LOCATION: A. Mezzanine Right DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 11:30 – 12:30

With a focus on user experience and adoption, IBM Connections is introducing new capabilities in Communities, Files and more to help end users with their daily work. Come learn about (and see) all of the new capabilities introduced in the past year and what is in store for Connections that will help you bring together people, communities and content to drive the results that matter to you, your teams, and your business.

Danielle Baptiste, IBM


Deep Dive into What’s New in IBM Connections


LOCATION: D. Minerva DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 13:30 – 14:30

In this session, explore what’s new in the latest IBM Connections release. See first-hand how IBM Connections can work for you and how you can embrace all the new capabilities coming. We will deep dive into the new features and provide an easy understanding of your deployment options and upgrade. Come find out how to get the most out of your connections deployment and upgrade to the latest connections in a snap!

Miki Banatwala , IBM


IBM Connections Customizer – Have it Your Way!


LOCATION: B. Mezzanine Left DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 16:00 – 16:45

IBM Connections Customizer is a service that helps you personalize your IBM Connections environment. In this session we will start with the different ways you can deploy Customizer in your environment, show you how easy it is to adopt the Connections Visual Update 1 using customizer, and demonstrate how you can use Customizer to do all sorts of cool stuff – like build a whole new Connections UI, add new functional capabilities or selectively remove options, integrate other applications and so forth. You will also see how to use new extension points to perform no-code/low-code customizations to IBM Connections latest offerings. Lots of new stuff to learn here!

Miki Banatwala , IBM


IBM Connections OrientMe – Less Noise More Signal


LOCATION: E. Mahy DATE: Tuesday, May 14 TIME: 11:45 – 12:30

Come learn about the details for OrientMe – this session will give you a better understanding about how OrientMe focuses a users activity stream, we will also talk about the different ways in which you can customize OrientMe, to better fit your organization needs. Come also see a preview of getting the most out of OrientMe via the introduction of upcoming 3rd party events and the ability to ‘tweak’ the ranking algorithm to truly make OrientMe the place for a user!

Miki Banatwala , IBM


Extending the editor in Connections with plugins – charts, equations, collaborative editing, and more


LOCATION: D. Minerva DATE: Tuesday, May 14 TIME: 13:30 – 14:00

For years our team has helped authors using IBM solutions create great content, first with EditLive! and then with Textbox.io. With the recent announcement that TinyMCE 5 is now the successor to these products, it’s time to explore how TinyMCE’s growing ecosystem of partner functionality can extend the editor in Connections.
In this presentation, you will see how our redesigned plugin architecture will make it easy to extend editor functionality. From charting to equations, collaborative editing, and even niche solutions like custom images in email.

Robert Collings , IBM


How adding a further tool can be a good thing


LOCATION: C. Classic Lounge DATE: Tuesday, May 14 TIME: 13:30 – 14:30

We have been working the so called “competitive market” for a while and often heard from customers “we have enough tools” when talking about IBM Connections. But at one point, the comments changed to “we have too many tools, I don’t know what to use..” or “we can’t use it, it does not fit our internal workflows”. Companies are struggling and are sometimes overwhelmed with the offering, no matter which brand it comes from.
In this session we talk about our customer cases and how we enabled them to work in a more efficient way by adding and integrating IBM Connections (on premises) to their Microsoft tool belt.

Andreas Ponte , Belsoft Collaboration AG
Sandra Bühler , Belsoft Collaboration AG

The Business Value of Integrating Connections and a structured CRM like Salesforce


LOCATION: C. Classic Lounge DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 12:00 – 12:30

What’s the business value of Integration of people organized Knowledge system like Connections and structured Sales CRM like Salesforce?
Why should we connect systems that are so different? Why is structure not the Key to Knowledge? How can we add business success as value to a social system? What makes Connections better than Office Teams ?
If we can answer these questions for the CEO / CIO – we will easily get the Budget for Connections.

Andreas Rosen , QKom GmbH
Silvia Cambie , IBM

Building a design system to modernize Connections


LOCATION: D. Minerva DATE: Tuesday, May 14 TIME: 14:00 – 14:30

Delivering experiences that are familiar to end users has become one of the great design challenges of our age. Our systems don’t exist in isolation, and users now expect consumer app-like behavior from corporate intranets. Which means flexibility and ease of customization is now critical.
In this presentation we’ll look at how a design system can be used to simultaneously deliver flexibility, consistency and structure to complex systems. You’ll learn what it is, the benefits of using one, and how you can build a platform-agnostic design system to fit into any application environment.
This will be a practical session with lots of examples and demos from our time building a design system for TinyMCE. You’ll also lean how it will bring flexibility to the Connections editor UI. TinyMCE is the successor content editor to Ephox’s Textbox.io and EditLive!

Fredrik Danielsson , Tiny Technologies (formerly Ephox)

IBM Engagement Center Quickstart: Get your first Intranet pages up and running in minutes


LOCATION: A. Mezzanine Right DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 08:00 – 08:45

This session will demonstrate how to start with ICEC from scratch by building our first set of pages, adding navigation, widgets and extend ICEC by building custom widgets

Martti Garden , IBM

Get Started with IBM Connections Customizer for Dummies


LOCATION: E. Mahy DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 09:00 – 10:00

This talk will take you through the basics of IBM Connections Customizer: what is it and how it works. Then it will provide you with a simple explanation of how it works, based on one easy-to-understand example. From the initial setup and configuration, to how to get the example running, the discussion will explain all the complicated buzzwords you hear in other sessions on this topic, and make them understandable so that even non-developers will be empowered to use this great tool.

Wannes Rams , Ramsit

The Business Extranet: Enrich CNX UX with Customizer and Domino widgets


LOCATION:D. Minerva DATE: Wednesday, May 15 TIME: 14:45 – 15:30

By using customizer extensions as well as domino apps, we are continuously enhancing the user experience in our Connection Cloud business extranet. See three use cases and how we did it in detail (EML preview in IBM docs, beautify community overview, connect people and data in cross-company business processes with domino in external communities)

Bernd Gewehr , Vössing Ingenieurgesellschaft

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