News from HCL

News from HCL

HCL has promised that they would deliver a new and improved face of Domino and Connections and has delivered a great release presentation on December 4th. Now that we all had the chance to “play” with the new and improved tech, let’s try and summarize what’s new in the new releases.

 First and foremost, as you would expect, let’s see what Domino 11 brings to the table:

  • The most important change is that Domino is now mobile: HCL Nomad comes with the ability of easily taking your apps and deliver them to Apple iPhone and iPad, Android and Chrome OS tablets with minimal effort.
  • Low-code – better code, better apps: Domino Volt enables you to build faster and it simplifies the development process for developers and business users alike.
  • Easily integrate and synchronize cross-platform: HCL Domino v11 delivers the most open version of the platform yet. Integration with MS 365 is simplified with active directory synching.

For even a more concise view you can check out this nice file.


 One of the other great releases this December is Connections 6.5. Some of the things that are great about this release are:

  • Engagement and adoption: in order to help users connect better to communities and expertise, Connections comes with Touchpoint and Sidebar.
  • Manage and run with ease: for an easier install and upgrade you now have Docker containerization. Connections now standardizes on Elasticsearch, reducing server and administrator overhead.
  • Customize and personalize: your environment can be personalized with Customizer Lite, without needing to reconfigure from version to version.​

For some more details check this out.


Verse also got a new version, 1.0.9 is now available with these new features:

  • New logo and color scheme: You’ll notice the new HCL Digital Solutions logo and color scheme immediately.
  • You can see the Verse version you are using to make sure you are updated to the latest one.
  • Easily change your Internet password settings with the help of a quick access action.
  • Open an event in the calendar bar by just double-clicking it.
  • The 24+ hour meetings are also improved: These meetings will be shown at the top of your calendar.
  • Join online meetings with the use of a QR code.
  • Meeting roles can now be changed with a simple drag and drop
  • Administrators can enable relative archive mail path URLs

Notes, Domino and Sametime version 11 are now available for Download at the Flexnet Site.

Happy Downloading and don’t forget to share your thoughts!

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