Migrate From IBM SmartCloud Notes
to Your Own Private Cloud

Easily transition your Notes Mail users from IBM SmartCloud Notes
to your own private or hybrid cloud, supported and powered by Prominic.

You own your mail data. We keep it safe and running smoothly.

Protected & Private

At Prominic, your mail data will never be mined by your cloud provider. We respect the privacy of your data and employ the latest technologies to protect it. We house your Domino servers at our owned and operated secure enterprise-grade data centers.

Always On

You can make sure your Notes mail environment stays always on by running it in a high-availability environment. Your backup Domino servers would be located in geographically separate data centers to ensure your mail users can always access their data.

Full Control

Full Control We give you full control over your Notes Domino environment. You can access it any way you want, configure it any way you want, and use whatever templates you want. We will customize it to your exact specifications, and then we’ll support it.

Dedicated Support

We have experienced Domino support staff that will take care of you. They are a phone call away when you need them, and can even function as an extension of your IT team.


DOCOVA's simple Notes/Domino® Migration Methodology™ allows you organization to completely eliminate IBM Lotus Domino from your application backend. It's the most straightforward approach to answer all the questions about migrating off IBM Domino.


First, we will start with a no-cost analysis of your IBM Notes and IBM Domino environment to gather information to better understand the scope of the project. The results of the analysis provide answers essential to the migration planning:  how long it will take, how much it will cost, what the impact on users and the I.T. team will be.


 The information discovered during analysis is used to create a custom roadmap specific to your organization’s needs for getting off IBM Notes and Domino in your environment.


With the analysis information and your custom project plan in hand, we migrate simple and complex applications using the DOCOVA App Importer™ to migrate user interface, business logic, security, database schema and data for all your applications.


Once you have transitioned off IBM Notes and Domino you will benefit from DOCOVA’s modern and flexible user, developer and administrative interfaces, allowing you to focus on moving your organization forward.


DOCOVA can help you take care of your data once it's been migrated, providing you with the most complete enterprise content management and collaboration platform on the market. With its App Builder, Web Services, Enterprise Integrator and many other add-on modules, DOCOVA is capable of taking care of the full spectrum of your business needs.

Information Sharing

Create, manage, and share information and applications across departments, geographical locations, and external companies they do business with.

Information Sharing

DOCOVA integrates with all major email platforms, such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and can easily share information with them.

Flexible Deployment

DOCOVA can be deployed on-premises or as a cloud-based SaaS solution.

Cross-Browser & Cross-Device

DOCOVA is a zero-footprint solution that can run in any browser on any device.

Multi-Database Support

Your databases can be migrated to and managed in MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2 or Oracle.

Desktop Integration

DOCOVA also has broad integration features (MS Office, Office 365, Office Libre, Open Office, PDF etc.), allowing for flexible process automation possibilities.

Enterprise Features

DOCOVA comes with many enterprise content management features like workflow, file editing, file sharing, check-in and check-out, and much more.

Multi-Level Access Control

DOCOVA has many layers of secure access control at the architectural level and user level, as well as many directory integration possibilities.

Modern Design and User Experience for Lotus Domino Applications

Prominic.NET is the perfect partner for hosting your Domino XPages applications. With XPages on the Prominic cloud, you get:

Redundant Data Centers

Server clustering options for your production applications

Single-tenant Domino Servers

Good fences make good neighbors - enjoy full control of your own Domino server

Domino Certified Staff

We handle the Domino server administration so you can focus solely on development

Low Cost for Developers

As low as $20 / month, with all IBM Domino user and server licensing included

Prominic is also actively involved in supporting the XPages community by hosting OpenNTF and XPages.info, as well as the following community user group conference websites: