Prominic.NET is a home-grown, US-based hosting services provider, providing services and support to businesses all over the world. We get up in the morning to make sure your business runs as smoothly as possible. However we can make that happen, we will.


Our company was founded in 1998 by Jon Schultz and Justin Hill, both graduates of UIUC. The shared vision of building Prominic.NET into a company servicing businesses running on IBM products is still the driving force (and expertise) behind our company today.

We're a dedicated team focused on bringing your company the best possible solutions. Our goal is to help make our clients successful.

Prominic.NET values service and innovation and we will do our best to bring both to your business.


Originally in Urbana, IL, we’ve outgrown our original space and purchased the property that once housed the control and communications center for Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul, IL. “The Fortress” now houses our dedicated data center. We’re proud to have our servers here in the U.S. and often invite our clients to come visit for a tour and an executive chef-prepared lunch.

We also have a second facility in Champaign, IL, about 15 miles south of our “Fortress”. Having these data centers separate allows our company to offer disaster recovery and high availability to our clients. The locations are connected with multiple dedicated, private fiber lines that provide multi-gigabit per second network speed.


Domino4Wine allows you to run Domino Designer and Administrator natively on Mac OS X and Linux. We’ve spent quite a bit of time developing this and are still working on it actively. To learn more about it visit our Domino4Wine site.

Grails4Notes allows you to make your IBM Notes® data relational by annotating it using a simple web interface. To learn more about it, visit our Grails4Notes site.