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HIPAA is one important standard and staying compliant with it can be a challenge. Prominic is here to help you better understand it’s rules and at the same time to present some cases when HIPAA was breached and see what is there to be learned from them. We are trying to be the perfect partner in this adventure that HIPAA can be.

Prominic tries to not only explain how HIPAA affects all healthcare providers but also how important it is to make sure that your hosting provider is your partner in this. So making sure that we learn from the past mistakes is important and working with your provider in order to ensure errors don’t occur.

We will also try to give you solutions when it comes to HIPAA and staying HIPAA compliant so as your company does not have any issues, with the help of our HIPAA experts.

More Questions than Answers in High Profile HIPAA Breach

More Questions than Answers in High Profile HIPAA Breach

HIPAA Questions that need answers In July of 2015 New York Giant’s defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul rushed to the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami after sustaining a hand injury as a result of an accident involving fireworks. The incident couldn’t have come at a worse time for Pierre-Paul, who was in the midst of a […]

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