Your Secure Private Cloud Platform for running your Domino Applications


Host your Domino applications in the Prominic cloud.

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Host your Notes mail and Verse on Premises securely on Prominic private cloud

IBM Notes Mail & IBM Verse Hosting

Disaster Recovery

Keep your peace of mind with Prominic's Domino Disaster Recovery infrastructure.

IBM Notes / Domino Disaster Recovery

Application Delivery

Maximize the full potential of Domino application data delivery

IBM Notes Client in the Cloud

Application Development

Speed up your application development with Domino.

IBM Domino Application Modernization


Domino is the best choice today for securing data, as well as rapidly developing applications. 


Prominic runs nearly a thousand of Domino servers at its secure data centers. Our Domino customers have their own Domino servers that aren’t shared or multi-tenant.


We are not a global tech conglomerate with multiple lines of business and a broad industry portfolio competing with you. We are a US-based company that does only one thing: hosting. We aren’t tempted to mine your data. Our business is to keep your organization’s Domino data and applications secure and smoothly running in your own private cloud.

HCL (IBM) Notes Mail and HCL (IBM) Verse Securely Hosted in Prominic's Cloud

Verse On-Premises is not only a powerful next-generation enterprise email platform with the best user experience currently available on the market across desktops, tablets and smartphones. 


Together with Notes Mail, it is the last email platform currently available that you can host on premises. This means keeping your organization’s most sensitive information secure on your servers.


With Prominic, you get both the security of in-house hosting, and the convenience of the cloud.

  • Secure access via your browser without having to install a rich client with Verse
  • More than just an email and calendar functionality with HCL Notes
  • Simple, modern, intuitive user interface for both email platforms
  • Ongoing product updates, fixes, and annual new version releases

IBM Notes Mail and Domino Application Server Disaster Recovery

Prominic understands how devastating downtime and data loss can be. Let us provide you with a cost–effective solution and peace of mind.


We are uniquely equipped to provide disaster recovery and business continuity services for your IBM Notes and Domino environment.

  • Securely replicate your Domino data to the Prominic cloud, in real time.
  • Additional hourly backups to counter accidental document deletions.
  • Utilize your Prominic cloud Domino server for real-time failover during an extended internal outage.
  • No additional IBM licensing fees.
  • Our certified Domino administrators provide expertise and support.


Whether browser, client, desktop or mobile, Domino lets you access the application and mail data in so many ways.

Notes Client

Run your Domino applications via a Notes client, either installed on your local desktop or streamed from a Prominic server.


Domino platform allows you to access your Notes mail or Verse mail via a web browser, as well as build and run web - based applications.


Your Notes mail, as well as Domino applications can run natively on tablets and smartphones. Verse is also available as a native app.

Remote Application Delivery

Prominic can stream your client-based Domino applications remotely to your desktop.

HCL Domino Application Development Platform: from low-code to pro-code

Not only has Domino always been a fairly low-code application development platform that has allowed the users to build applications with minimal investment into learning the platform, Domino 10 has seen integration of Node.js, Node RED and Java to open up Domino to greater numbers of developer talent out there.


HCLs roadmap for Domino 11 (out later this year) and beyond includes a further ongoing transformation of Domino into a true low code, and pro-code platform that has no equal in the marketplace.


IBM Notes Mail and IBM Domino Application Hosting Pricing

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  •    HCL (IBM) Notes Mail + Traveler
  •    HCL (IBM) Domino Applications
  •    Your own Domino Server
  •    Full control + expert support
  •    All HCL (IBM) licensing included
  •    HCL (IBM) Notes client software (9.x and 10.x)
  •    25 GB Storage / User

Mail & Mobility

$8/ user / month


$20/ user / month

Mail, Mobility & Apps

$26/ user / month

Custom Solutions

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  • Multi-server clustering
  • High-availability failover
  • Custom IBM licensing solutions
  • Dedicated firewalls
  • VPN and MPLS options
  • Zero-client deployment
  • On-site consultations
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