Domino Server Clustering

What is Server Clustering? Sometimes referred to as "High-Availability Setup", Domino server clustering is essential in safeguarding your company's data and ensuring an uninterrupted user experience and business continuity in an event of a failure

Why You Should Consider Server Clustering

Improved User Satisfaction

When a hardware or other type of failure occurs, your business keeps on running without an interruption because your backup servers take over seamlessly, so your your customers don't have to deal with frustrations of a service interruption

Decreased Downtime

Clustered servers can function in full tandem, so should a primary server fail, any new data loss is minimized, with your secondary server/s always ready to take over

Ensured Business Continuity

With a clustered server environment, especially when your primary and backup servers are geographically removed from each other, should anything happen to the primaries, your data is safely backed up and available to ensure your business keeps running

Minimized loss of productivity

Every extended down time causes your users to lose their ability to function effectively in their roles. By minimizing downtime with clustered servers you create an effective environment for your employees to be productive in.

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